Who is Chloe of the Mountain?

Seven years ago, Chloe’s husband spirited her away from sunny San Diego, and everything and everyone she held near and dear, to live at the foot of a glacial mountain in Northern California.

Above this mountain are what is known as lenticular cloud formations created by updrafts from the mountain itself and are unique to this type of mountain.

There’s actually a lot that’s unique about her Mountain.  Some people believe that there is an advanced race of ancient people living in a crystal city under the mountain, that the lenticular clouds are there to camouflage alien landings, and that there’s a crystal subway providing rapid transit for the aliens to Brazil.  Chloe doesn’t believe any of it.

But Chloe’s mountain is teeming with wildlife, plenty of fresh air, and flowing with oodles and oodles of clean water.  If it weren’t for the almost total lack of restaurants, shopping, beaches, and other pleasures of civilization she would consider it very nearly a paradise.

Once upon a time, in a homeschool co-op far, far away, Chloe was a meek and humble homeschool mom content in her oversized men’s shirts and ginormous mom jeans.  She looked a lot like this:

 And she was happy.

And then life didn’t go exactly the way she’d planned.

After she learned The Lesson of the Red Bra in a dressing room at Macy’s, her life hasn’t been the same. Since then she’s been on a quest to experience an authentic life, unshackled.

That’s her today with her husband.

He’s The Hatter to her Alice.

Now that their nest is empty, they find they have lots of room for fun, friends, and adventure.

Chloe and her Hatter have two grown children that they raised thoughtfully, love thoroughly, and now have let go to live their own lives.

Princess Sweetie Pea is now happily married to The Hunter.  She is an aspiring writer and assists husband in running his engineering business. .

Wolfie is a talented and gifted musician successfully living and working in San Diego.

Finding blogging cheaper than therapy, Chloe began her Chronicles in 2008 as a way for her to cope with all the changes in her life.

Aside from her personal life, Chloe writes about all sorts of issues that impact women’s lives and lifestyle—food, fashion, beauty, travel,decorating, gardening, parenting, and, love and romance.

Chloe is also a regular contributor on The Fun Girls Blog where she gets to write about lifestyle and travel with three of the funnest, funniest, loveliest, smartest, and most enigmatic women you could ever hope to meet.

Chloe warmly welcomes you to her Mountain and hopes that you’ll find this a safe place where you can pull up a chair and sit awhile.



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