It’s All About the Shoes

Some of you have commented in my last post about the shoes I was wearing when I met Gretchen Rubin. They are lovely, aren’t they? Here’s a close-up:

Guess Chappel Platform Peep-Toe Pump

They are very comfortable. I wore them all day. But then I think maybe I have feet of steel. My friend Karen says I have Barbie feet.

These shoes also happen to be the very same ones that I was wearing when I caught the heel in the old floor boards at Harrod’s in London and fell headlong into a rack of clothes. The irony? It happened to be a rack of dresses from the designer Chloé.

 It really is a wonder I ever leave my house.


6 thoughts on “It’s All About the Shoes

  1. She was the shoe mavin of my generation and when the presidency in the Phillipines fell and she and Ferdinand had to run for their lives she was forced to leave her shoes behind. Poor girl.

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