Finally, a Puppy Picture

It is my deep pleasure to introduce Ulik vom Zeder Kamme, call name: Raynor.

It is very hard to get a decent picture of him because he is all piss and vinegar and constant motion.

Raynor arrived moments before I had to go off to BlogHer for the week so my husband has had 24/7 puppy duty and just like any new mom he’s tired and cranky. Unfortunately I’m tired and a bit cranky too from traveling. We’re quite a pair. If we survive tonight without having a fight it’ll be close to a miracle. Ahhh, but he’s a cute puppy.

Thank goodness for Georgia who has taken on doggy nursemaid duties. Doo hates him with a fiery passion because Raynor is already bigger than he is (and he might just be a tad worried that Raynor is a bit cuter right now). 


13 thoughts on “Finally, a Puppy Picture

  1. He's saying "oh I'm just so cute…let me lay my head on your leg…gotcha…you thought you could sit down and rest…hah! I'm going to chew…and run…and you'll love me anyway!!

  2. Look! At! HIM!He's so cute it's hard to believe.Check out my Facebook status when you have a chance: Pillie is too smart for her own good. She got in trouble tonight.All I'm sayin' is: You better watch out if Raynor is paying attention as you're closing the treat bag.

  3. Cute puppy.We left my brother once not only feeding the cats as expected, but nursemaiding and feeding the four kittens when their mother rejected him…. Not really what a 21 year old was hoping for in a holiday 😉

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