Man Candy Monday-The Notebook Edition

This day will rival Wordless Wednesday because, really, what words can convey how much we women love Ryan Gosling and the movie The Notebook?  Honestly? Who does NOT want to be Rachel McAdams in the movie?

So pour yourself a cuppa, pull up a seat and enjoy. Don’t forget to get your kleenex out…sniff sniff…sob sob.

Pink Patent Mary Janes

Who doesn’t want this?


And James Garner ain’t exactly bad eye candy either. I loved him in this movie. The world will be worse when he’s not in it.

The Power of Love

Would that it would always end like this

Have a Great Monday!

ETA: James Garner is alive and well, I’m told.


13 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday-The Notebook Edition

  1. I cry EVERY TIME. Even thinking about this movie makes me cry. I put him up because the other day I was talking with a group of women and this movie came up and all of us teared up. Every woman wants to be loved like this.

  2. I figured it out why I thought he was dead. The movie was so realistic that I got confused. Oh, and it could be that I haven't slept in a week. I feel like the idiot who announced that Paul McCartney was dead.

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