BlogHer 2011; It’s Party Week!

Ever since I registered for BlogHer 2011 I’ve been thinking about all the great Break-Out sessions I’m going to attend, the inspiring speakers I’m going to get to hear, and the entire day I get to spend with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, (yes, that was me dropping her name) on Pathfinder Day. But apparently I’ve missed the real point of BlogHer. I think my ticket says it all, don’t you?

I’m going to need 10 free drink tickets?

I headed over to Mom Spark to check out the BlogHer party schedule and my head is spinning. So now that I understand that I’m obviously going to one big Partay, I thought I’d make this week “Party Week” at Chloe Chronicles. And just like any good party, our party is going to be jam-packed with food, fun and frivolity.

This past weekend I created two new potluck recipes that I can’t wait to share that I know you are going to enjoy and I promise you that neither one is a Jello Salad. I’ll be sharing those recipes this week along with the recipe for the yummiest German Chocolate Cake icing you’ve ever had.. It’s so delicious and easy you’ll never use canned icing again.  I’m also hoping I can get my friend and Chronicle reader, T, to share with us her secret recipe for the VERY BEST COSMOPOLITAN you’ve ever tasted in your life. T’s Cosmos are so delicious your guests will be clamoring for more. Towards the end of the week, I’ll be giving away my top ten tips for throwing a great party. It really isn’t as hard as you think.

The party doesn’t stop on Wednesday, August 3rd, at 9pm, when I’ll be announcing the winner of the Olay Pro-X Cleansing System Giveaway. Final entries must be in no later than 5pm that day. I will be using to choose the winner.

So forget about needing to send me an RSVP (since nobody does those anymore anyway) because everyone is welcome.  Go grab your party hat and join me for Party Week.


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