Friday’s aren’t so Freaky today

The 50th birthday party preparations are in full swing, and the guests will arrive in just a few short hours.

Just because putting together a party like this is such a breeze for somebody as inherently well-organized as I am, I also scheduled an unmissable appointment with the eye doctor this morning, had the appliance repairman come to repair our dishwasher, and invited guests to stay at our house for the next few days (at least the guests help).

In the midst of this, because this is how my life works, my laptop got infected with some nasty virus that was causing my computer to heat up like the surface of the sun. I had to take it to the Computer Emergency Room last night and I’m hoping it’ll be fixed by this afternoon. I need that thing next week!!! I’d draw you a picture of how I feel right now, but I CAN’T!

But I did draw something over on the Fun Girls before my computer got sick. You can check it out over on the Fun Girls in my life-changing, Pulitzer Prize Winning Article, Nipples Up, Elbows Down.


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