Monarch Butterflies

I spied this group of Monarch Butterflies down at the Delta at the Lake where we took the Labradors on Friday. I think they were doing the wild-thing which reminded me of the time that we did a silkworm experiment with the kids when we were homeschooling.

My sister-in-law gave us the little eggs on Mulberry Leaves.  How cute, right?

First, the little larvae hatched right before our vacation to the Grand Canyon, so we had to take them with us.  I tried to abandon the experiment, but Wolfie and Rachel cried until I agreed we could take them with us.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve never had to take larvae on a vacation in a 1980 VW Vanagon then you can’t really claim to be a homeschooler.

Somehow they survived the trip.

When we got home they became chrysalises.

Then they hatched.

Then our children watched in horror as they mated with each other.  Wolfie was especially upset and wanted us to break up the “fight”.

Ahhhhh. The circle of life.

Monarchs live on milkweed and there is an abundance of it around the delta where we took the dogs swimming.

I’m kinda especially proud of this picture:

I took these photos with my Canon PowerShot SX110IS on the Portrait setting.

Tomorrow is Man Candy Monday and my very first ever giveaway. And this week The Fun Girls will be doing a series on skincare and having our own giveaway.

Have a blessed Sunday and a great week and I hope to see you tomorrow!


20 thoughts on “Monarch Butterflies

  1. Nice! Your picture tabs are very, very nice. Although you have a page that says "Navigate this blog, I suggest you write something on this page to say: "click on these pictures to be transported" or something more clever but akin to that.

  2. Amazing pictures!We once took our chrysallis to Family Camp with us because the kids were sure the butterfly would come out while we were gone. It didn't. We hauled the jar back home with us and missed the grand appearance because it happened while we were all asleep. The next year, though, we had a cooperative butterfly who agreed to hatch while we were at home, awake, and in the same room. I do love homeschooling!Have a great weekend!!

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