I’m participating in this little “Stream of Consciousness Sunday” experiment. (ETA: I do know how to spell. Or at least I know how to use spell-check.)

The assignment: Put on a timer for five minutes and just write.

And this is what I wrote, unedited.

Clearly, I have a lot to do because my stream of consciousness is a long to-do list!!

Here it is:

My husband’s birthday party this Friday, tons of work to be done for that.

The house needs cleaning and those weeds need pulling. Will the party guests notice the weeds?

My husband’s sister and mother are coming on Thursday and staying through the weekend. Is the bedding clean. Are the guestrooms ready?

Do we have enough tonic for the gin?

The bedding needs to be changed from the last guests. That means laundry today.

I think I have gin AND tonic, somewhere.

Our trip to San Diego and BlogHer looms ahead the weekend after that.  We leave on Tuesday. The car needs the oil changed and to be cleaned out. What am I going to wear?!?!

I need to give myself a pedicure RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and a new German Shepherd puppy arrives in just a few days. WERE WE CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!

The area rug needs pulling from the living room before the party and definitely before that puppy arrives.

I need an office put together right now! Working here at the kitchen counter is beginning to hurt my knee. I’ve got to get to that today. I hope I don’t get called into work today. But I need the money for our trip. Ugh.

I have too much on my plate right now, but eat it all I must. Cram it in and swallow it whole. Every last bit.

As Anne say, “Sleep when you’re dead.”


18 thoughts on “CRAP!

  1. Wow! Lots of busy to do lists today! You ladies are busy busy on a Sunday! I'm starting to feel kinda lazy for laying around reading posts and watching TV, LOL!Have fun with you company (and don't forget to slow down long enough to enjoy their visit!), good luck with the puppy, and we'll just pretend you didn't say you're going to BlogHer. πŸ˜‰

  2. I often find the first fifteen minutes of my stream of thoughts are to do lists. GTD recommends it and I find it helpful once that is all written down I can get into other slightly more profound thoughts. Such as…. hmm I could really do some coffee and wouldn't it be nice to have more flowers in the front? πŸ˜‰

  3. Crap happens. It does. There's a lot of good in the midst of your crap, said your Polyanna friend.A party. Family. A meetup with people who may teach you a LOT, and contacts who could be very helpful. A new puppy!!!My biggest regret for you is that the puppy is arriving in the midst of the hubbub.Look: find your center. I believe that you are loved by the One who made the universe. Despite the fact that you have suffered pain. Despite the fact that the world suffers constantly. I still believe that you are loved, and that it is NOT all about you. It's about you and me loving and serving others.I'll be praying for you. We'll talk.

  4. A couple of things…No, they will not notice the weeds. I hate to do laundry. I've had a home pedicure on my list for 3 WEEKS now. My MIL says the same thing as Anne.Make a long list so you feel good when you cross things off. But make sure you put easy stuff on there too, like EAT LUNCH!!

  5. Good idea!I did not get to the pedicure, but maybe today. I love well-groomed feet, but it is so time-consuming. But I did get my office put together, and I love it! That project is finished and perfect. (pictures forthcoming)I'm glad to hear I don't need to pull weeds; everyone seems to agree on that, so weeds will stay. It sounds like a to-do list needs perspective. Thanks for coming by and commenting, Fadra.

  6. I can always use all the prayers I can get, so I'll covet yours.I didn't mean to imply that these things were crap, but that I feel like, "Crap! I have a lot to get done in the next two weeks!" I did get my office put together though. And I'm so happy with it.

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