Dog Day Afternoon-Labrador-Style

We took Georgia and our son-in-law’s dog, Duke, down to the lake for a day of ball catching and swimming to burn off some energy and so I could practice using my camera.

It was a beautiful day.

The dogs had a great time.

Labradors will do this all day.



Click to see us reflected in her eyes

These were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX110IS on the Children/Pets setting. I’m pretty happy with the focus and detail I got on two rambunctious labradors chasing balls in the water. You can see our family reflected in Georgia’ eyes in the last picture which I totally think is cool. The sky and water were so blue that it makes the black dogs look almost blue.

Tomorrow I’m going to post the pictures I took of a group of Monarch butterflies that were at the swimming hole where we took the dogs.

Next week should be exciting. On McMonday I’m going to announce my very first give-away, and The Fun Girls are going to be talking about skincare all next week and having our own giveaway. 


19 thoughts on “Dog Day Afternoon-Labrador-Style

  1. You could do a whole essay on the picture of y'all in Georgia's eyes. Those are great pics. Now I want a camera capable of taking good pics of black dogs. I'll add it to my bucket list (or what I'll get my kids when they have kids, lol).

  2. The Canon PowerShot SX110IS is not an expensive camera. I had no idea it could even take pictures this good. I honestly think it was the bright sunlight and the brilliant blue sky that made these pictures.

  3. LOVIN your blog and all the changes you're making to the layout, all the new buttons on the right column, categories, colors, etc.!! And being able to take a good picture of a BLACK dog…that is the most difficult color to photograph. The lake is stunning (think I finally figured out which one it is) and it looked peaceful, not too hot, and just simply breathtaking!!

  4. Oh good, Kristy. I'm glad you like it. Now that I've figured out how to make images into links, I'm hoping that it will make this easier to navigate. Do you think those buttons make it easier to navigate? I can't believe how blue they look though. The sky was so brilliant yesterday it just shines off of them. And it hasn't been too hot here. I know everywhere else is dying, but I haven't even taken the winter down comforter off our bed yet.

  5. It looks wonderful. You guys must be eating out this week. HA. I say that because I have recently learned how much time this blog-organization takes.

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