Temperament Testing Your German Shepherd Puppy?

Natalie asked me a question in the comments about Raynor about temperament testing in German Shepherd puppies and what our breeder might be looking for when she chooses a puppy for us, so I thought I’d put up this link, Elements of Temperament by Joy Tiz, MS for anyone who is interested in doing further research into this fascinating and important topic.

One thought on “Temperament Testing Your German Shepherd Puppy?

  1. Informative and helpful! Owning a German Shepherd is wonderful for the RIGHT family, with a good doggie candidate. You're right: it's not a relationship one should ever enter into lightly.Last night, I dreamed I was in Fort Worth, in a stockyard. Pillie was lying on the floor in our bedroom, and did the world's longest moo. Do you know what I mean? No one can groan like a German Shepherd.

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