Preparing for our German Shepherd Puppy

Our new little puppy, Raynor, is expected to arrive here on or about July 30th!  We are so excited to welcome home our new little bundle of fur and teeth.

This will make a total of three dogs for us. Just about the last thing in the world I really want is three dogs. The only thing I want less than three dogs is to not having a German Shepherd Dog watching over me at night when I sleep while my husband isn’t home.

So three dogs it is even though the difference between two dogs and three dogs cannot be summed up in one dog. It is an exponential increase of dogness.  Two dogs are two dogs, three dogs is a pack of dogs.

As previously reported, here is Raynor’s proud mommy, Diamond, right after delivery:

“Look What I Made!”

and here she with her four week old puppies looking just a bit more beleagured:

“Nine puppies. I had to have NINE puppies.”

We won’t know for certain which one will be ours until after the puppy testing that will happen on Friday, but this is one of the five brothers and at this point they all pretty much look the same to me.

Could this one be Raynor?

Every breed of dog has its good qualities and its bad.

Bichons are deliriously sweet-natured, but they can be a grooming nightmare and are difficult to housebreak.

A baby Bichon Named Doo

Labradors are friendly and good with kids, but they are full of energy and can be very mouthy.

Georgia and Wolfie

A GSD is a serious working dog and ownership of one should not be undertaken lightly. And besides, they shed a dog a day.

Jonah, A Dog to Remember

Jonah came to us from GSD Rescue of San Diego when he was almost two years old, and while he was a magnificent dog, he didn’t come without some annoying baggage.  His previous owners did not understand that a German Shepherd Dog cannot just be put out in a backyard and left to his own devices.  Jonah developed a serious barking problem and those owners ended up facing the threat of a lawsuit from their neighbors and that’s how he came to live with us.

Having owned a GSD before, we are deeply aware that this is a serious breed requiring serious preparation. Fortunately our breeder has been providing us with tons of great information to help us get ready and of course we’ve been re-reading our old Monks of New Skete books.

And I find myself starting to adopt a Buddhist-like attitude towards my belongings as I wonder which of our treasured possessions will be destroyed first.


13 thoughts on “Preparing for our German Shepherd Puppy

  1. I await the blessed event with a heart full of joy at his coming. Good drawing: great puddle on the floor!!! If it were a Lab puppy, you'd need to add in chewed underwear, chewed used feminine hygiene products and piles of throw-up from all the God-only-knows-what-kinda-crap-he's-ingested-this-time. But I don't recall Pillie eating as much stuff. Just widdling. She was a timid widdler. Hopefully, young Raynor will be made of sterner stuff.

  2. I'm glad you'll be getting your new dog soon, Chloe. I wish our neighbors had considered the "whole put the German Shepherd in the backyard by itself and it will bark incessantly, driving the neighbors mad and making it impossible to sleep" thing. Actually, they probably did, but didn't care.Those puppies look adorable. 🙂

  3. Yes, nothing can destroy your belongings as well as a labrador. I'm hoping Raynor will follow Jonah's lead and not be much of a chewer, but then he was two when we got him and past the puppy stage. In fact, I'm not sure Jonah ever was really a puppy.

  4. I just have one correction to offer. 1 dog is 1 dog. 2 dogs is NOT 2 dogs, it already begins to get exponential at the 2 dog point (at least that is true for puppies)!! But yes, you are definitely correct that 3 is a pack! This will be a fun adventure (to read about)!!

  5. I'm cracking up over how much the piles of upholstery stuffing resemble Doo! The puppy pictures are absolutely adorable. They make me want one, which would be a bad thing because we already have two lab/border collie mix brothers. I'm thankful you will soon have another pair of soulful, vigilant brown eyes guarding you and your loved ones.

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