Thanks for all the love!

Because Cheese used to be so Hard

My husband was delighted to see all the good wishes on his birthday yesterday. Thank you so much. I also showed him the good wishes on Facebook.

I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who subscribed to my blog yesterday. THANK YOU!! Those subscriptions mean a lot to us right now.

Thank you to our friends jmmom and Ignatius, (the lovely couple we’re having “the funnest dinner ever” with in yesterday’s pictures), for the delectable assortment of truly crappy cheese and 15-year old Glenlivet pictured above. Since none of these cheez spread products actually is food, and therefore never goes bad because even bacteria won’t eat it, we’ll be saving it all for a special cheez plate just for you.

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and MONEY. I promise you that the money will be spent on karaoke as soon as humanly possible.

It sort of sucked that both of us worked on his birthday, and we didn’t really get to celebrate it at all, so y’all’s participation WAS his birthday party. But we did have dinner at Le Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower this year, and that has to be paid for somehow, so it isn’t exactly like it is too terribly awful.

I’m going to spend my day drinking enough water, catching up on comments, and working on…What else? Organizing my blog, and writing blog posts for here and The Fun Girls (where I’m woefully behind).

In two weeks I leave for BlogHer in San Diego and I must say that I’m starting to feel totally overwhelmed and terrified.  I’m sure no one will like me and behind my back they will say that I look nothing like my business card picture. Ugh.

I hope your day is terrific.  Won’t you join me in drinking enough water today? People often want to set large goals, but I have found that it is often the small steps which count the most.

Have a Happy Well-Hydrated Wednesday!

ETA: Anne is right.  I need positive affirmations, not negative reinforcement of my old self-defeating fears.


12 thoughts on “Thanks for all the love!

  1. "A brazen woman is a woman who is true to herself. She is bold and audacious. She accepts her gifts and her talents." Let me repeat, "She accepts her gifts and her talents." So, why do you question whether people will like you or your work?Let it be known that I think Chloe is probably one of the most well spoken women that I know. Whether she's writing her blog, relaxing over dinner and cosmopolitans or talking the the engineer or the conductor of the Crazy Train!

  2. People already like you, so what's there to worry about? I haven't even met you yet, and I like you a lot!! You are going to have so much fun at the conference. You're going to learn tons. Be sure you ask someone how to get stuff copywrited!! :)))

  3. I'm going to get to spend an entire day with The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond)! That right there is enough to make me feel a little queasy. I'm sure copywriting will come up at some point.

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