I Disabled the Comment Captchas

Because I read that people hate them.  I hate them so I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that other people hate them. So now they are all gone.  If you are still getting them, let me know, okay?

20 thoughts on “I Disabled the Comment Captchas

  1. I'm glad you did. As a reader of 8,000,000 blogs, it absolutely wears me out to have to type in the stupid little code words. Blogger edits out most of my spam. If Disqus operates your filters, I hope they do a grand job for you. Although it appears they've already let some riff raff through the door…

  2. Those codes you have to type in order to post to prove you are a real person and not a computer generating bot, like Riparian Church. At least I think that's what they are called.

  3. Thanks! I thought that's what they might be, and just for the record, I'm thrilled I don't have to type them in. They take too long…(what a silly whine!!)

  4. Comment generating bot.On my blog I was Captcha-Free until some Eastern European ass-wipe started crawling through my posts and leaving advertisements for cut-rate Western goods there. (Anybody need a cheap Coach Bag?)

  5. You're right it is "comment generating bot"I think I have a couple strewn around, but I haven't been targeted consistently yet. BTW, how much are those Coach bags?

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