Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

Today is my husband’s 50th birthday!!!

Years ago he adopted The Tick as his online persona 
Because he’s my Superhero.
He has to be.
He needs to be very brave. 
He has to be very strong.
He requires a good grasp of the absurd.
He’s married to me.

He travels where I want to go.


He learned to drive while we were in England just to make me happy.

Heathrow Car Rental Place

He found me some standing stones just in case I’m a secret time-traveler.

Avebury Standing Stones

He’s totally fun to be with.

The funest dinner ever

He’s handsome and he knows how to keep his head.

The Tower of London

He always has good manners.

Tea at Harrods

 He knows how to show me the best time.

The Ritz, London

He’s very patient and waits for me even though I’m always late.

He’s very romantic.

Dinner Cruise on the Seine

He takes me to the very best places.

The Eiffel Tower

He’s really into culture.

He’s my rock.

Saint Chappelle, Paris

Let’s raise a glass today and wish him the happiest birthday!

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Sunset on the Seine

Please take a minute to wish him a Happy Birthday!!!!  

And please show him that I’m not totally wasting my time by Subscribing to my blog.  It’ll be the best present for him ever. It’ll give him hope.  I promise!!

(p.s. I’ll be at work all day today and won’t be able to answer the comments until after work. But I know Tick will be reading this when he wakes up today…he works tonight. Thanks so much for making his birthday special.)


35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

  1. I really hope you have a wonderful birthday! May today be the beginning of an awesome decade of travel (with us), wonderful food (with us), and great memories (with us). šŸ˜€

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TICK!Chloe, I'm going to need some blog coaching šŸ™‚ I tried to join, but I don't think I really did. Ay yay yay! As you said, I was going to make it a tiny little birthday gift by joining!Please clarify, it's Tick, not The Tick right?? :)LENSmom

  3. T is for talented! …well, because you look like you can do thingsI is for intelligent! I guess you make a living, apparently? Smart choice.C is for Chloe! Because face it, we're all here for her!K is for kind! You have a kind and caring heart…well, your cyberself does anyways! :~)Have a happy day!

  4. Dear Jeff,I hope you have a great birthday! May God continue to bless you with good health, love and happiness. You have not aged a year since I last saw you. Happy 50th birthday!!!! Hope to see you and Chloe soon. Maria R

  5. Happy Birthday, Tick!!! Having seen you around the SL forums over the years, I feel I've seen just enough of your personality to know that Chloe is not fudging the truth even one little bit with all the great things she's said about you, and that her trust and faith in you as her rock is not misplaced in the least. I will also forever be grateful for the interview you gave The Hunter, and kindly more or less shared with us in SL land (the questions, not his answers!), as a mom to boys who might one day be interviewed by some dad like you. Really opened my eyes to the future, back when they were tiny little things. I say that to say I know what a great dad you are as well as the great husband Chloe brags about. Happy 50th, Tick. Raising my glass to the next 50 or so….

  6. I am showing my appreciation of the coolest online couple that I have never met by following Chloe's directive: Happy Birthday, Tick! (My dh turned 50 last year, and my love for him is even greater in this second half of his century!)

  7. And he can mix a drink! Happy birthday, hon. I'll always remember it because on your 36th birthday, I married the other best guy in the world.

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