Mad Man Candy Monday

As this long, dull, boring Don Draper-less summer interminably yawns on, I find myself missing him hard.

I confess that I didn’t watch the first two seasons of Mad Men when it came out due to the ads for it that seemed to indicate that the show was simply about gratuitous adultery.

Both my husband and I shy away from adultery in a way that only two people whose childhoods were smashed to smithereens by it could.  But whereas I’m really only opposed to real-life, flesh and blood adultery, my husband really hates adultery in all its forms (which is a good quality to have in a husband if you think about it).  If you want to see my husband get really angry then bring up adultery.

Only I suggest you don’t.

Because it makes him really angry.

For fun, I once tried reading Bridges of Madison County out loud to him because I thought it would be a turn-on.

Um. Not.

That little idea started the second biggest fight in our marriage.

Combatant A (that would be him) over-reacted and took the hard-line stance that any wife of his who reads about adultery and thinks it is sexy is a threat to all that is good and holy, while Combatant B (that would be me) defended the reasonable position that we could just skip focusing on the adultery part and pretend we were the ones out looking for some covered bridges.  Sheesh.

This fight was made especially difficult because it occurred in the middle of the night while we were camping with our small children in a Volkswagon Vanagon Pop-Up.

Our Cute Little Vanagon with Our Cute Little Wolfie

We had to conduct the entire argument in whispers to keep from waking the children.

No, we couldn’t go outside because the campground was overrun with swarming hordes of ravenous mice–you had to be there–so we sat inside and screamed at each other at the top of our inside voices

The magnitude of the Bridges-of-Madison-County-Fight has only been eclipsed once, and that was by the Naming-of-our-Daughter-Fight which concluded with me leaping out of our car (my husband at least had the good sense to pull over) and stomping down I-5, 8 months pregnant, wearing high heel shoes and a red evening gown while my husband demanded I get back into the #&$*@#$ car.  (Okay, right here my husband is going to ask me where I’m ranking the How-Dare-You-Go-Fishing-Instead-of-Watching-the-Sunset-with-Me-Fight, but, honey, I’m not going to talk about that fight right now.)

All that to say, I missed the first two seasons of Mad Men because I didn’t want to fight about adultery with my husband.

I’ll put up with a lot from a sexy man.

Okay honey, have it your way.

Which leads me back to Don Draper.

When I finally tuned in, I discovered that Don is so much more than just an adulterous man-whore. And also I found out that my husband has mellowed a bit and while he doesn’t like Mad Men very much he tolerates my watching it with nary a negative comment.  He even asks me from time to time when Mad Men is coming back and then I get depressed because this summer has now become just one gray, dreary day followed by another as I wait for Don and the Gang to return to me NEXT YEAR?!?!?!


In the meantime, while we wait, let us enjoy some delicious Don Draper today, shall we?

He looks good in a suit

One of the things I love about Don is that he’s NOT just a pretty face; he’s quite the philosopher as well.

Here are two short clips where Don explains the most important things in life:

And finally, here’s Don Draper showing that he can say it all with just one word:

Please Don, come back!

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22 thoughts on “Mad Man Candy Monday

  1. Dude! I did a double take on that one picture — thought for sure it was Wolfie. Nope, it was the Tick. Wow. Those genes ran true! I've never seen Mad Men. But I could be persuaded to watch… πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, my gosh, I was just working on a "Mad Men" post that I've been thinking about this morning! Too funny!When I first saw his picture when I clicked on your blog, I'm not kidding: my heart skipped a beat! Can't believe I'm that much of a fan!!!I'm now on Season 3 on my Netflix Summer of Mad Men WatchFest. It's summer. I'm mad. Why not?After watching that last "What?" video, which was totally on par with the "He's Dead, Jim,"/Dr. McCoy/Star Trek video, I am wondering if Matt Weiner will want to re-think any of his writing.Or not. Did ever a man deliver "What?" or "Wha–?" with more panache?

  3. I watched the first episode of the first season and had the same initial reaction as you. I came back a few episodes into season two and was hooked.I rationalize it by seeing payback for bad behavior. It may not happen in the same episode, but it happens.

  4. Pure entertainment! I love that you name your fights. I have a few that need names. And the image of a whispering fight, in the dark, away from home, with little children's ears to protect…LOL!!

  5. Name it and Claim It, Baby! After I wrote this post, I have two new fight names:"Naming-Our-Daughter-Redux" Fight where we fight over it again 20+ years later because I wrote this blog postand"I -Can't-Believe-You-Are-Going-To-Write-That-In-Your-Blog" Fight which I fear we're going to have a few more times before this blogging thing is over.

  6. From that angle, he does look a lot like his father. I don't think I'd ever really noticed before how much until you guys pointed it out. Wolfie has enormous features and a large nose, but he certainly has his father and grandfather's jawline.

  7. I've had to come to grips with the fact that Wolfie IS just like his dad. That was a hard pill to swallow. I fell for Jeff AFTER he was wild and crazy not during. I didn't realize how unfun it would have been to parent Jeff. I feel bad for him mom now.

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