I ordered business cards today.

Crazy, huh?

After reading notasupermom’s suggestions, I ordered business cards today from Vistaprint.com so I can give them to people when I try to explain what it is I do here in my spare time. Don’t tell me anything bad because they are done and ordered and that’s that.  (By the way, I do own my own domain name, but it’s just not that easy to move, so for now I’m here on blogspot.)

I’m sure after BlogHer 2011 I’ll have better ideas, but for now that’s what it is.


26 thoughts on “I ordered business cards today.

  1. Thank you Kristi, it is totally surreal for me right now. And if I don't get up and wash some dishes then my husband is going to have my head on a platter.

  2. Nice, Chloe! Now I have to go back to the post you are referring to on notasupermom's blog. I love the photo on yours. You are one of my favorite brazen women. If I ever crawl out of my prudish persona, I will give you partial credit.

  3. Thanks. I thought it was a little dressy for a business card, but it was the best picture I had and Not a says a picture is the best and she's the smartest.

  4. Nota has a lot of very good advice on her site, please check her out.If I get enough women together then maybe I can put it on a resume. lol

  5. I do not understand that. I'm getting disqus notifications on my end. Hmmmm. I have to work the next two days, but as soon as I have a chance, I will go into disqus and check my settings.

  6. Yeah, I kept thinking I'd have the domain thing fixed by now, but I've run out of time for ordering cards. They weren't expensive, so it won't be too hard to redo them when I get that done.

  7. Oh good. I'm glad someone has. I need to describe it in five words or less. People have terribly short attention spans today, they tell me.

  8. Thanks Pamela. My biggest fear is that now people will meet me and say, "She doesn't look anything like her picture." Ugh. The pressure on women and looks is immense. I doubt anyone really says that about a man's business cards.

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