Freaky Friday: My Son is Freaky Talented

Seeing as I’m walking down memory lane and all and thinking about 2009, I started thinking about my son and  reflecting on just how freaky talented he is.

This is a (very bad) recording of the song he did for the finale at his high school graduation.  I wish the quality were a bit better, but what can you expect from a phone?  The girl laughing at the beginning is an old girlfriend.  And, yes, he does cuss in front of the entire auditorium. That’s my boy. I hope you can look past the bad visual quality because his voice is just beautiful.

My son:


18 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: My Son is Freaky Talented

  1. Dang. I'd love to hear him now…because I imagine his voice is only getting better with age. You've got some talented kiddos, you know?! The girlfriend is just fun — and she's right — he IS cute!

  2. Wow- every time I've seen his pictures over the years, he's reminded me of my dh when he was younger. Now this video gives me goosebumps! He looked just like this as a teen when his hair was longer, and also sang and played guitar! He was in bands as a young man, got saved, then was music leader at our church, and has a small recording studio in our home. God has used music to glorify Himself through my dh, and I know he will do the same through Wolfie. Chloe, my dh didn't have the beautiful family and childhood Wolfie has, but as a teen he was homeless for a while, did drugs, and ran with the wrong crowd. He had some horrifying things happen to him, and his story would make you weep, but God had plans for him. You should look at this post on my blog to see why he reminds me of Wolfie and how he's turned out:'m rooting for Wolfie. I'm in his corner.

  3. Wow. You aren't kidding about how much they looked a like. Gave me goosebumps. Your husband's story is so encouraging. Raising an artist is a challenge; they see life differently, but I think in some ways they feel life deeper. It's been a ride. Now I can say it's been a good ride.

  4. I hope you can. We need to find a way to meet-up in San Diego sometime. Argh. Too many wonderful places to go in this world, aren't there?

  5. Hey Heidi, yes, things are good. He's doing very well. Pursuing music, working at Starbucks. I'm going to see him in two weeks. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Chloe

  6. Don't they? Too fast. Where does time go anyway?He has another thing on youtube you can find under "Loud with Love Cocaine Blues". I don't think the sound quality is that good.

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