My husband THINKS he has me figured out

A Bichon is Impossible to Housebreak

My husband bought me a new art program for my computer.  Now some of you might think this was a sweet gesture, but I know it wasn’t.  It was a desperate attempt to keep me from ripping out an unnecessary wall that separates our office from an unused bedroom.  I’ll let him think his plan has worked for now.

I’ve been scarfing up bichon clipart for my pictures, but it is my heart’s desire to draw my own little Doos.  Here is my first attempt.

I added a black nose.


14 thoughts on “My husband THINKS he has me figured out

  1. I love your drawings! They're going to be the "thing" that sets you apart and makes you famous…and of course you're incredible talent with writing…but these little drawings are going to be your brand!

  2. hahaha, I could have a brand. That's just too amazing, honestly. And there would be some justice in that. All the children in the world who've ever been discouraged by a nasty teacher can unite under my silly drawings. Thanks. I really think I like my bichon.

  3. Chloe, your comment reminded me of a site dh and I found several years ago that had us laughing our heads off. It's a guy who makes fun of kids' drawings. It has foul language, but oh so funny! If you read it, be sure to scroll down and click on "Crappy art #2" because the second page is funnier than the first. (We were drinking wine and it was late, but we laughed till tears ran!)

  4. They are only bad to you, they are poignant to all of us. Trust me, we're all expecting them, loving them, and can't wait to see what you'll come up with to illustrate your thoughts. It's totally that type of unexpected thing that gets big one day. I love the drawed in copywrites, but I really think you need to seriously look into what it takes to truly copyright them. 🙂 Think big!!

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