Choosing the Right

Where’s the Snooze Alarm?!?!

I’m in the midst of my back-to-back 12 hour work days right now, so when my alarm went off at 4:45am this morning the very last thing I wanted to do was get up and work-out.  The only thing I wanted to do was to hit that snooze button and sleep for another 30 minutes.

Good habits, like exercise and eating right, usually are the sorts of habits that will make us happiest in the long run, while the bad habits only lead to pain or illness or even an untimely death. So why is it is so easy to fall into bad habits and so hard to develop and maintain good ones?  
Usually the good habits involve some sort of short-term discomfort while the bad ones offer some sort of short-term pleasure, and being the short-sighted creatures we are we choose the short-term pleasure NOW over the potential for long-term gain tomorrow or years from now.

When I’m confronted with the snooze button, and I’m tired, it doesn’t work for me to I think, “Oh I want to be healthy when I’m 90, so I better get up and go work-out.” At 4:45am I don’t care if I live another day, much less to 90.

To motivate myself, I set achievable short-term goals. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what my current one is.  Today, you tell me one good thing you did for yourself and why you did it.
Have a Great Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Choosing the Right

  1. I drink tea. Honestly – I cannot think of a single thing that I currently do that is purposely good for me and also hard. I'm not going for walks, joining a gym, doing yoga. I need a kick in the butt.

  2. I worked hard on my guest blogger post for another blog, because I'd committed to do it. I committed to do it because it's one of the steps to build a better blog. So even though it wasn't specifically for Wild Life in the Woods or The Fun Girls, hopefully, it will help us grow.

  3. I exercised with my beginning bellydance DVD this morning, and am headed to the den to enjoy the Lucious Bellydance DVD as soon as I finish typing this.It is hard to crawl out of bed in the mornings. I do better when I go to bed at an earlier hour. Being the only morning person in a family of night owls causes me to stay up much later than I would if I lived on my own. All the fun starts at 11:00 PM at my house. I surely don't wnat to miss it, but it makes for some slow mornings for me. Susan

  4. Very inspiring! I have those thoughts everyday. I know I should exercise but I end up sleeping in. The good thing I did today is I woke up and had 1/2 cup of Greek style yogurt and a quarter of a banana. I had to have my coffee , but put no sugar. Yes, these are baby steps, but hopefully they lead to a change of my eating habits.

  5. Maria, the baby steps are the most important ones and the hardest to make. When I was so depressed I just wanted to curl up and die, the most important thing I did was drink enough water. That was my goal for the day to just drink enough water. It doesn't seem like much, but it was amazing how much better I felt just from being hydrated! Those little steps are the most important. Thanks for commenting you brazen voice, you.

  6. Susan, I love belly dancing. Have you ever taken a class? I'm not any good at belly dancing, but I still think it is so much fun.The getting up thing is hard for me. I am a night owl and my husband is really a night owl. I only get up early on the days I work. It is so difficult, but makes all the difference in the sort of day I have.

  7. Water. Like I said to Maria, just drinking enough water was such a challenge for me when I started changing my the way I live. I applaud your water!And thanks for commenting, Nancy. So nice to see you here.

  8. Alright. Alright! I better put that Strawberry Tart recipe I've been promising for months up this week or I will be three girls short of a Fun Girls group, huh?

  9. I drink tea, too. I wish you lived just a bit a closer; I could really use a work-out partner to help me stay motivated. It is so hard to stay motivated.

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