Man Candy Monday-Sand in All the Wrong Places

Okay, the only reason I picked Matthew McConaughey for McMonday today is because
I think this website is hilarious.  (WARNING: as promised, my pictures are clean, but the website has language.  Don’t open unless you have your humor app properly installed and running.  You’ve been warned.)

I made a solemn vow to you to keep McMonday’s clean, but I have to tell you that it is nearly impossible impossible to find a picture of Matthew McConaughey where he’s wearing both a shirt and has his hair washed.  I gave up and picked pictures of him at the beach with his kids.

When he’s not smoking pot and playing the bongos in the nude, this guy apparently spends A LOT of time on the beach.  I’ve seen so many pictures of Matthew McC at the beach now that all I can think about is sand…in all the wrong places…and that he needs to wash his hair.


So without further ado here is McMonday’s Man of the Week, Matthew McConaughey:

P.S. Nice pecs, Matthew….oh, and change your kid’s diaper’ he looks like he’s carrying quite a load there.  Geez.  Does hygiene mean nothing to you?


6 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday-Sand in All the Wrong Places

  1. It's sad that I noticed the droopy diapers and not the pecs. Now I see why they used to make famous people pretend to not be married and parents. Double plus unsexy.

  2. It is hard to lose yourself in your fantasies when you can't stop thinking about the kid in the other room who needs a diaper change. That's marriage, not fantasy.

  3. Yeah..uh…I get the feeling, without even looking at whatever you may have linked, that personal hygiene is not at the top of his list. Tell him to read my post today on my blog. Women everywhere might thank him.

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