Father of the Bride II

Continued from yesterday, The Ticks version of the Reception

How The Tick ALMOST made it through without crying…

Or……The Wedding Part 2

Once again…the usual disclaimers about the info….

So…..she’s married….the two of them run down the aisle to the strains of “Walking on Sunshine” but not Katrina and the Waves version…..it’s a version by a band called Ghoti Hook (I think) and it’s more of a ska/reggae take on it….pretty good though….followed by the wedding party….

…then Chloe and I doing a little boogie (well….as much of a boogie as a man closer to 50 than 40 can pull off, Chloe’s got the moves though….course she is younger…and SMOKIN’ HOT…or have I mentioned that already) then the Hunter’s parents behind us….I didn’t check but I doubt they were doing the boogie…just a guess.

Then the couple and the bridesmaids hid in one of the anterooms while people filed out (no receiving line, they didn’t want to have to deal with that) and headed off to the reception. The photog decided not to do family group photos at the church…we killed time….Chloe (wise girl that she is) was actually stalling to see if a surprise would actually show up….the photog was just leaving when we heard that the horse and carriage had arrived….I ran out and caught the photog….then ran in and told PSP that her carriage had arrived (actually…that might have been Chloe who told her…..memory fails) and she literally SQUEALED with delight.

So out they go…people standing around oooohing and ahhhing at this magnificent black stallion hitched to an elegant black carriage with flashy lights and things….snow gently falling all around….they looked perfect in the back with his black tux and PSP just glowing like a jewel being the only white thing in a black surrounding….quite stunning…..I loaned Hunter my overcoat (it was snowing you know) and PSP had her fur trimmed jacket and we piled on extra coats, blankets and whatnot for the 2-3 mile trip to the reception site.

Chloe and I drove on ahead but I hear that they had quite the train of cars following the carriage through the snowy late afternoon. I think it was very nice for them to have a few minutes of privacy after all the hoopla and before the hoopla to come.

Chloe and I got to the reception and dealt with a few last minute disasters (no syrup for the Italian soda bar for one…remedied easily by our coffee shop manager and paid for by the caterers since they were supposed to bring it and forgot) checked that everything was just so, did the meet and greet thing as we wandered around.

The hall was phenomenal. I keep telling Chloe she should do something like this professionally and lose the nursing gig because she is so DAMN good at it. It looked like a wintry fairy wonderland. Beautiful centerpieces (4 different types mixed about the rooms tables) crystals and candles and these cute little tiny lights….a huge mountain scene backdrop (which Chloe got off of eBay and was supposed to have geese silhouettes flying across the moon but when we opened it we had Santa and his reindeer instead…and furthermore they actually looked like 4 Scottish terriers pulling a cowboy hat….a friend of ours fixed it in minutes and suddenly it was a light sliver of clouds across the moon….but it still was a pretty funny few moments figuring out what to do) on the stage framed in curtains so that it looked like a giant picture window with a huge (9-10ft) Manzanita branch standing in front of the scene covered in hanging crystals, hanging candles, and those cute little lights. Breathtaking…truly breathtaking.

Refreshments were served and general chit chat waiting for the happy couple. They arrived (I missed that part, was inside putting out family fires if you follow me) and when they came in the Hunter looked like a Popsicle but PSP was beaming so he must have been keeping her warm.

My friend Ray had offered to MC the reception and so with the itinerary Chloe gave him he pretty much took over so that Chloe and I could enjoy the reception. It’s good to have friends.

He announced the bridal party….the parents (that’s us) and then the bride and groom.

PSP and The Hunter had their first dance to a tune called “Ache”. It’s a country song by I don’t know who but it was done by Wolfie and Rays son Garret. Wolfie on guitar and singing the harmony……and MAN were they good…..I am continually amazed at the talent God has given my son…people were crying all over the place….but not me…yet…..it’s a very nice song though….

Dinner was in there somewhere but I don’t recall exactly where. There was a lovely round of toasts….Best Man, Maid of Honor, bridesmaids and parents. I got up and said since everyone had heard about how wonderful PSP was from the previous toasts I was going to talk about how impressed I was with my new son-in-law…and I did….I told them how he came to me to ask for permission to court….what he had to go through to get to that first date etc etc etc….and how proud I was that he was now a part of my family and that he was exactly what Chloe and I had been praying for all these years.

I’ll let Chloe tell you what she said in her toast (don’t want to steal ALL the thunder)

So we get to the Father Daughter dance…PSP had chosen “My Girl” and my friend Ray sang it for us…PSP had chosen it because she thought that we could make it through without crying (didn’t want to ruin her makeup LOL) and also it was Chloe and my first dance song at our wedding as well so it was kinda extra special/poignant for me.

We did good…..for a while…..dancing…telling each other STUPID jokes (Jesus with the prostitute…”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” a stone comes flying in…Jesus looks around and yells “MOM!!”…Like I said…STUPID JOKES) and laughing and chatting…and we almost made it….but not quite….I don’t remember why but suddenly I was crying…then she was crying….then we were both standing there holding each other crying…thank goodness the song ended.

Then we had a money dance….My friend Gina and I sang “Unforgettable” the Nat and Natalie King Cole version…a couple other songs were done….Wolfie and Garrett did another hauntingly beautiful song…the cake was cut (and what a cake….not only beautiful, but delicious…moist and chocolatey….and with the most unique and by far the largest cake topper I’ve ever seen).

The sparklers and the leaving were next….gotta hand it to my wife…those sparklers….in the dark….with snow swirling around as they ran to their car…..quite a sight…..very princess-y…..PSP and The Hunter laughing and running….everybody yelling out congratulations and such….flash bulbs going off all over the place……and then they were gone….really gone this time…..I pray they are even 1/10th as happy together as Chloe and I are…I think they will be….they’ve got so much going for them…and most importantly… they have The Lord.

We did a little karaoke for a while…..even The Hunter’s dad got up and did Ghost Riders….pretty darn good too…people started going home…and it was finally over.

Now……just to give you and idea of how good my lovely wife is at this whole throwing a wedding thing…..we’ve had offers on almost all of the decorations she made…by the caterer…..by private parties…..by the lady who runs the dance studio…..my Chloe has talent coming out of her ears in this area (well….other areas as well….the kitchen…the….well you know

All in all….a perfect wedding. Even The Hunter…who was so eager to get it all over with initially….said more than once that he was having a GREAT time…and he meant it…you could tell by the ear to ear grin he wore all evening.

Once again ladies, Thank you for being there for Chloe…and for praying for all of us….you were all there with us whether you know it or not….and you were more than welcome.


The Tick


8 thoughts on “Father of the Bride II

  1. I love reading the story of your beautiful daughter's wedding. Please keep it up. After we hear from the father of the bride, hows about letting mama give her perspective again with lots more pictures. It was a beautiful wedding.

  2. Sigh. Lovely. I missed the sparklers earlier (not sure how?!) What a great idea! The pictures are wonderful…and the love shines through them.

  3. Loved re reading this Chloe, thanks for reposting it here. 🙂 (And in case I didn't put it in the thread at the time, Tick, you did just fine on the details. 🙂 ). Texanna

  4. The sparklers were perfect for a snowy night. They were beautiful and magical. My son almost set himself on fire accidently. We had torches lit to speed up the lighting of the sparklers and one of the torches exploded spraying torch fluid all over my son WHILE he was holding a lit sparkler. If it weren't for the quick thinking of Ray, our friend, our son would have been burnt to a crisp. Whew. Lesson: Be careful with torch fluid and lit sparklers.

  5. This was almost even more poignant than his story of the wedding. wow. What an absolute blessing The Tick is to all of you. LOVE the photos — beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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