Father of the Bride

As I posted yesterday, my daughter has been writing her version of her courtship to The Hunter.  It is poignant to read her thoughts and feelings and remember how that time felt.  

Susan posted on Facebook today that she watched Father of the Bride last night and how it had brought her to sobs thinking to the future when her own daughter gets married..  Having a child get married is an intense experience for sure.

Luckily, before it all went poof when Sonlight dumped it’s forum archives, I copied my husband’s thoughts of our daughter’s wedding and I thought I’d reprint it here for nostalgia’s sake.  I am so glad he wrote this and that I saved it.  It makes my heart both swell and break every time I read it, especially his description of the walk down the aisle.  I hope you enjoy it now as much as I’ve enjoyed it over the years. Tomorrow I’ll post his thoughts about the reception.  For those who don’t know, this was first posted on a forum and so the format and the “voice” might seem a bit odd, but the thoughts and feelings are so beautiful; I’m glad it wasn’t lost.  I’ve added pictures to give it more depth.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.  I’ve spent the entire day grooming Jean-Luc.  Grooming a bichon is not for the weak.  I have some great  pictures to share when I finally get them uploaded and edited.

The Wedding

Since Chloe is soooooo worn out and tired after all the hoopla I figured that I would try to assuage the rampant hunger for more info by giving you ladies my version of the day….or rather How the Wedding Day went for The Tick.

Now, first and foremost, I am already aware that I…

A.  Don’t ask the right questions

B.  Don’t give the right details

C.  Don’t flesh out the “juicy” parts enough

But you all will just have to take what you can get until Chloe feels stronger (it IS, after all, exhausting to sit here typing all day don’t you know…

So…..on to the Dad’s version of the Big Day…..

7am: Rise and shine…run out early to get a few last minute things for the reception…..run over to the reception hall to do last minute clean up of various tools etc that were left from the night before and make sure everything looks just so (which our friends from San Diego will double check for me later) get some coffee…..head back to the house to pick up the MIL who had been told to be ready at 9:30am

9:30am: pick up MIL and my friend Ray (Thank God for Ray and Shelly) and deposit her at the B&B which Chloe and PSP had stayed at that night (so as not to have to fight for restrooms etc on the big day), say Good Morning, lots of kisses while watching make-up being applied to various young ladies and dodging the photographer, then run out to pick up some more last minute things and back to the reception site for more last minute grooming.

11am: Back to the house (left Ray at reception site waiting for his family to come and continue preperations) to get ready for pictures at 1pm. Shower, shave, pull out tux and give it a thorough going over with the animal hair picker upper (read; Tape on a roller) and return to pick up Chloe and PSP at the B&B at 12:30 so we could be at the church at 1pm for the pictures……YEAH RIGHT!!!

We did get there about 1:15 though so it wasn’t a big deal, besides the photographer was with us. Boy lemme tell you…..my wife and daughter were GORGEOUS!!!

Well…..PSP was gorgeous, not at all a little girl anymore in anyway shape or form, but a lovely young woman…..Chloe was just SMOKIN’ HOT in her Mother of the bride outfit. I took many things down to the truck (luggage and such) while waiting for them to be ready and then helped PSP into the truck as well as the ever young and lovely Chloe and her Mom.

1:15pm: Got to the Church for photos, helped everybody across the ice and into the church, many photos were taken, then off to a private home (read: SMALL CASTLE, man what a house!!) for some more photos that the photog had set up in advance, and back to the church to drop off PSP and her entourage, then took Chloe and our friend Karen for a quick bite and a cup of coffee, then back to the church by around 3:30 ish for the wedding.

4pm: The Wedding….it was incredible…Chloe had that church done up so beautifully, PSP was so lovely, everybody was all dolled up. I stood in the foyer greeting guests with the Wolfie and with the Hunters father until everyone arrived.

Then I was told to go and tell the girls it was time. They were in an anteroom giggling and trembling (Chloe included) and all squealed when I said it was time.

So we are all out in the foyer and it starts…..First the Grandparents…my Mom was playing piano for the guests and for this part……Hunter’s brother took his grandparents down the aisle…Wolfie took MIL down and then got my mom from the piano and seated her, then back to the foyer for Chloe.

He looked very adult, I was very proud. Hunters parents went first then Wolfie and Chloe (again, so beautiful it made my teeth hurt) to the strains of Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring….

Then the Men from the other side of the church entered to the Main Theme from Braveheart….
Then the bridesmaids entered, their music was Lothlorien by Enya….

ETA:  The next part is best with a soundtrack.  Click on the video for the song:

Then it was time for PSP and I…..I told her that before we went in that she was about the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life…….she had chosen a song called Gift of a Thistle…it’s the wedding theme from Braveheart….beautiful song but quite brutal to walk your daughter down the aisle to…..we entered….everyone stood…and we just stood at the end of the aisle and let everyone stare at her for about 15-20 seconds….

then, at the time in the song when the Ulian (?) flute starts, we started down…..it was hard….

I kept flashing back and forth from PSP as she was to PSP as a 3-4 y/o holding my hand and toddling along bedside me…..

I almost lost it halfway down the aisle but I maintained my composure…..I truly don’t remember seeing anyone on that 30 sec walk….just my little girl…..I handed her over to the Hunter….shook his hand…..answered the question about “who gives this woman….” And sat down next to Chloe………

Next thing I knew…..she was his…Mrs. PSP Hunter.

Ok…That’s all I’ve got for now…..too hard…..hope it’s enough to satisfy for the moment….I realize it’s merely a guys take on things and I didn’t give enough details…..I’ll try to write about my take on the reception in the next day or so…..Chloe will fill in the details about the wedding I’m sure….I still cry too much to think on it too long…..I’m sure you all understand. And besides…I’ve got to get back to work.
Love you all,

The Tick

Tomorrow:  The Reception


16 thoughts on “Father of the Bride

  1. This made me cry. How blessed that your daughter has a father that can express himself in this way, and that you have a husband that adores you both. I feel like I would give almost anything for those two things.

  2. somehow, not sure how, I missed this the first time around. Wow. What a beautiful, poignant, wonderful post. What a treasure to have that written out and preserved. Thank you for sharing it here.

  3. Then I'm extra glad that I saved it and posted it. As far as I can tell the new archives only go back to 2008, so everything about her courtship and wedding were lost, except whatever I saved. thanks for enjoying it with me.

  4. Oh, Kristy, I do know so much what you mean.Being able to give that to my daughter has meant EVERYTHING to me. I so didn't have that myself. Half an hour before my wedding my own father stormed off and I wasn't sure whether he was going to come back or not. So typical of him. To have picked a man who turned out to be such an AWESOME dad is the best thing I've done with my life. Period. He is so good to us. Thanks for sharing this with us and for commenting. :hug:

  5. Sigh…sniff!! I was at a wedding this weekend and watched the father of the bride smile and tear up as he walked his little girl down the aisle…reading these words made me realize how hard it is! Thanks for reposting it – and I'm SO glad that it wasn't lost!!

  6. I think walking your daughter down the aisle has to be the hardest thing a father does. How any man does it without sobbing, I'll never know. I can't wait to hear about your wedding. I'm certain you looked fabulous.

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