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It’s been a heady 37 days since I began blogging every day. My sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and there are currently no fresh vegetables in the vegetable bin.  I do have a couple of cartons of Thai food in the refrigerator that I picked up last night because I couldn’t eat any more cereal.  Someday I’ll write a blog about the lady who owns the Thai restaurant here in town.  She’s a piece of work–the Mountain’s version of the Soup Nazi.  She’s the Pad Thai Nazi.  But her food is filled with heroin or something and I have to eat it at least twice a month now.  I’d eat it more often than that, but the lady scares me.

In the last month, I’ve learned about alexa, and klout, and opened a twitter account. My friend Anne has been a huge encourager to keep trying with twitter, and so, because pleasing Anne makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I have. I maybe have sort of figured it out thanks to HootSuite and Melissa Culbertson at momcomm.  

I made a big announcement that I was going to move over to WordPress and got scared and didn’t. Out of the blue, I’ve registered for two blogging conferences, BlogHer in San Diego and The Sits Girls in Atlanta.  I’ve picked up a few more followers and people are commenting.  But mostly I’ve been writing a lot.  And reading a lot of blogs.  Oh, and I changed my comments platform to Disqus which I hope will allow me to respond to your comments easier.

I started out this blogging experiment with one nearly dead bichon, Jean-Luc, AKA The Doo,  my son’s rambunctious labrador, Georgia, and two very healthy kittens, Emma and Mr. Darcy.  Jean-Luc is recovered from his injuries. Georgia is just the same as she always was. Emma, we’ll talk about some other time. And poor Mr. Darcy went to kitty heaven (where all cats are saved regardless of political or religious affiliations).  Penelope Trunk says the worst thing a blogger can do is write about cats, so that’s what I’m going to do today.

My husband and I have a long, sordid history with cats.  Generally how it works is this: We break down and we get a wonderful kitten that we totally fall in love with.  And then we give it a good name.  There’s been Luna, and Inky, and Jigsaw, and Mittens, and Mr. Darcy, and others I’ve forgotten.  These cats never last.  If we love them then they are doomed.  I’m afraid the second I fell in love with Mr. Darcy I knew his little kitten days were numbered.

THEN, in our overwhelming grief, we run out and get another kitten/cat, it doesn’t matter, right away.  But the replacement cat is always a terrible cat that we hate. BUT WILL NEVER DIE.  We have a nine-year old cat like this that lives in the rafters of our garage; Sherbert.  Sherbert was dropped on his head.  It was an accident. Accidents happen.  Then he ended up lost out in the snow for awhile.  But he came back. And a few years ago he was inadvertently locked in our storage shed with the Christmas decorations for eight days without food or water.  The gasman heard his sorrowful meowing and opened the door and let him out.  I don’t know how he survived.  He pissed all over our Christmas decorations.

I rushed to get him food and water.  But he just stood there screaming cat curse words at me.  For hours.  And hours.  And hours.  To this day, he just sits in the rafters yelling at us whenever we open the door.  He won’t come in the house.  He bites you when you try to pet him.  He’s horrible.  We hate him.  He will not die.

Because we’re not completely right in the head, and we never learn from any of our mistakes, we ran out in our grief over Mr. Darcy and adopted ourselves a new cat; Tucker. Tucker is the sweetest little bed kitty that there ever was.  He is a four-year old neutered male found abandoned out in the woods covered with ticks.  He hasn’t shown even the remotest interest in going outside, so I don’t think he wandered out there all by his lonesome (Whoever you are, shame on you!). The Humane Society had to shave off a lot of his hair, so now I have two badly groomed and sorta scroungy looking pets.

Tucker is really two cats in one.  When I look at him I see this lovely little kitty:

Tucker as he really is

But I’m afraid that when my husband looks at him he sees this:

The cat my husband sees

He does have the loveliest green eyes.  And he’s really cuddly and sweet.  I think I love him already.  He’s a dead cat walking.


18 thoughts on “Tucker

  1. In the second picture, Tucker reminds me of Bill the Cat, from Bloom County. Do you remember Bill? Ack!!! A sorrier representative of cats everywhere there never was. But I think with the love and care you will undoubtedly pour out on Mr. I Don't Ever Want To Go Outside Ever Again, I think Mr. Tucker will bloom and grow until he becomes the Tucker of the first photo, as real as any Velveteen Rabbit ever was. Although instead of losing his fuzz and sheen like the Velveteen Rabbit did, I believe Tucker will grow a coat of love, and become more real than real can be. And then, he'll die.P.S. As will we all.

  2. Our kitty of 13 years died about a year and a half ago. I often think about another kitty, but I'm allergic to cats. That means our kitties have to live outside. Our former kitty was a full blooded barn kitty. I keep looking for a barn kitty who needs a home, but I haven't found one yet. My husband tends to see kitties as Tick sees them. He's not so interested in finding another barn kitty.Susan

  3. He shows no interest so far, but it is hard to keep cats in here because the dogs are constantly in and out. With the puppy coming soon, I just hope he'll stay put and stay snuggly, but mostly I hope he stays alive.

  4. How far are you willing to go to get yourself a marvelous barn kitty/ absolutely amazing mouser… and her two loveable but less adept brothers? I have a friend who needs them to find a new, good home because they're moving…:)

  5. I like it… but something more catchy… maybe TailMates.com, Tuck'sTails.com? The last one sounds like you're starting a children's story hour or something.

  6. Wanna hear my cat story? I don't know how many cats we have. They keep having babies. If I get them spayed or neutered, they disappear. If I don't, they stick around and have more babies. You saw my 6 kittens. They're so cute, but I already have plenty of barn cats. I"ll be taking them to the feed store where people take kittens home. One of them is super sweet, purrs, and is very loving. The rest are just regular cats. We left all our cats in CA when we moved, 6 of them, found them a home at a farm. We didn't want cats in WA. It all started with an abandoned litter in our wood pile that my daughter tamed. There was one mama and 2 kittens. Now we have over 10 cats and counting. I thought the coyotes would get them more quickly here. They must be smart because they have not become anyone's lunch. Sigh. One more thing to deal with. KristyPS, I want to go with you to one of those blogging conferences. That sounds TOTALLY fun, and I'd love to learn how to be an effective blogger!!

  7. Kristy, it sounds like you have the same sort of cat karma as me. The less we love or care for the cat in any way, the higher the likelihood that it will survive to annoy us for years.If you are interested in improving your blog, then come join me over at The Sits Girls. They have some great ideas that have already helped me and that I think could help any serious blogger who wants to make his or her blog better. Chloe

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