Back in the Shredder Again

After several months of knee rehab, I’m finally pain free. The impromptu 10-mile walk we took a few days ago didn’t seem to aggravate either my knee or my plantar fasciitis, so I’m thinking I’m good to go now and. I’m done out of excuses.
Honestly, you all know that I actually love exercise for all its many benefits, but it hurts when I haven’t been doing it regularly and, like everybody else on the planet, the longer I put it off, the less I want to get back up and start doing it again. When I get out of the habit I find that I don’t much like getting back into the habit again. I have to force myself to get up and do what I know is best for me. And I know that exercise is what is best for almost all of us.

Exercise is our single-most reliable weapon against bad aging.  We’re all going to age, people. Aging is inevitable. But we aren’t all going to age well. Aging well isn’t just a question of acceptance or grace, aging well is the difference between living a long, productive life and ending up suffering from pain and illness in your final years. Trust me, given the choice, you want to age well.

While we don’t have control over our genetics, we darn well do have control over the foods we eat and the activities we choose. This NY Times article by Gretchen Reynolds, published back in March of this year, shows just how powerful exercise can be in our efforts to age well even when our genetics are stacked against us.

Anyone who has read my article, The Six Steps to Getting Up Off Your Lazy Buttknows that there is really only one step: Get Up Off Your Lazy Butt.  I preach to myself as well as you. I’m just as lazy as anybody else, and I have to find new ways to motivate myself to exercise every. single. day.

I’ve found that the more time I’ve spent writing here on my blog the less energy I’ve had for exercise. My Blogger-Within is pretty much a lazy slob who likes to eat chocolate and cheese all day while happily tippy-tappying away here on my laptop. I can almost feel my butt falling to my knees with every post I write.

So I’ve had to start trying to psych myself back up and find ways to re-motivate myself all over again.

DVD workouts and a treadmill work best for me since my work schedule makes getting to the gym inconvenient, and I can’t be too far from a phone or a car when I have to be oncall.  To keep from getting bored, I like to have several DVDs to choose from since exercise boredom usually leads to exercise attrition.

Yesterday I managed 2.5 miles on the treadmill and a 30 minute Core workout with Jillian Michaels 6-Pack Abs.  (I was going to put a convenient widget in this blog post, but Amazon won’t allow it since I live in California. Thanks Gov.)

Since the number one thing I don’t want again is another injury, I know I’m going to be very careful and modify any exercises so that I don’t re-injury my knee.  I substitute some of my physical therapy exercises instead of doing the ones that I know will likely lead to re-injury.

I really like this Six-Pack workout a lot.  It moves quickly and feels very comprehensive.

After I finish writing this post, I plan to head out to the treadmill and put in another two miles today and finish off with some Shred-It With Weights.

I really like Shred-It With Weghts.  I don’t own a kettlebell and you don’t need one with this workout.  She shows you how to substitute a regular hand-weight.

I really like her encouraging five minute cool down segment.

I am a big fan of 10 Minute Solution series.  These workouts, arranged in 10-minute increments, are very adaptable and you can dial in a work-out to fit your schedule.

So how about you?  What are you going to do today?  Have any good DVD recommendations or ideas on how to stay motivated?  I can use all the help I can get.


19 thoughts on “Back in the Shredder Again

  1. I have been making twice daily walks to the barn since we have new kitties that need attention. Plus today I'm going to go for my swim time. I'm slow to buy workout DVDs because I've had 3 I've used with no results. I like Jillian's Shred but never lost anything with her. I am interested in the 6-week ABS one you posted here as my mid-section is strong but flabby. :\ That is where I need to lose the most weight. *sigh*

  2. Unfortunately, the only way to lose weight around the middle is with cardio, not core strengthening. And I find that the older I get the more work it is to keep my middle toned. The work out does have a cardio component that does help though.I think it is hard to lose weight with Shred unless you really diet too. 20 minutes isn't enough alone. And it does just get harder with age, I think. Boo.

  3. You can lose inches by toning and you can lose weight…or you can lose inches and maintain weight (muscle weighs more than fat). Figure out what your goals are — body fat percentage, measurements, etc. Diet, cardio, and weight training are all important.And what have I done? I set up a beach workout and watched people for 2 hours this morning. Does that count?! 😉

  4. I'll take a 4 mile walk this evening. I'm going to pull out the pick your spot pilates and do the 10 min. abs and perhaps the butt, too.

  5. Good for you, Kelly!I have yet to get up off my butt and do anything productive whatsoever. Oh, I took a picture of my cat. And made myself another cup of tea.Bah.

  6. I started Shred this winter, but quickly found that I could not do jumping jacks or other similarly jarring cardio, so I picked up my hula hoop and hooped as fast as I could for the minutes she was doing the jarring movements. Since then I got Hab-it, a pelvic floor workout. It's slightly different than the traditional Kegels that both you and I have promoted- but I'm hoping it's what I need since the traditional Kegels have not been enough. (This is why I can't do the jumping jacks. When I jump like that it feels like things are going to fall out.) I have been on my bike but not nearly enough. I should increase to a daily ride. I can do 2 miles now but have only been doing it once a week (to gathering). The problem with that is Gathering is moving to a location only 7 blocks away instead of the 2 miles away. So unless I make a real effort to start riding my bike somewhere else, I will lose even that 2 mile ride. I have really been too lazy, and have gotten a real spare tire. I had been down to 112 when I was raw-vegan and that had been too skinny, but for the last year I've been stuck in the upper 130s and I HATE IT. I don't feel healthy, I feel fat and lethargic. My friend does belly dancing and hoop dancing and I'm jealous because it looks beautiful, but I can't afford classes and besides, I just don't "feel" the dance like she and my dd obviously do. I can try to mimic their moves, but I just don't "feel" it so I give up quickly. What I really want to do is Roller Derby, but I'm afraid of the time and money committment and the risk for injury. Besides, the nearest skating rink is a good 15 minute drive away which is far for someone who rarely drives anywhere. I'm just a hot mess full of excuses, huh? I should get some skates and start skating, and work towards making the 5 miles on a bike to the skating rink. 😛

  7. What is it with Roller Derby? I know so many people who are into that. Our little town has a team and travels and it's totally wild. I definitely think you should at least take up the skating. I love roller skating. BTW, I've been seeing a physical therapist for my pelvic floor and getting a lot of good help through biofeedback.

  8. Thanks for this today! You motivated me and I got off my butt and ran 4 miles after a long yucky day at work. The first two miles felt like my legs were incased in concrete..but then it got better. Hoping to get my butt out of bed before work tomorrow. All the miles I ran and I never got runners knee until I started Jillians workout. I think I need something besides yoga though.

  9. All you must do is to select from the abdominal exercise machines the one that suits you finest. In case you can not come across the time to function out in a gym, and you've decided not to forgo your exercise regime, the wisest alternative would be to acquire the ideal equipment you can conveniently use at home.

  10. I'm glad to hear you were able to work out again. I don't know what I would do without those endorphins!It was your post on the Tavern that got me started on the Shred. I started with the 30 Day Shred, and now I do the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. I did have to substitute some, because some of the moves can cause injuries. Overall, I really like it, and think it's a smokin' deal for only eight bucks at Target.I weigh the same, but went down a size. I hadn't weighed myself in ages, and almost fainted! However, I talked myself off the ledge, lol. I have lot my menopause inches, and some of my inches from dd. I'm pretty happy with how I look, and how my body has toned up. I wish I could take a pic to prove it, but I always look huge in pictures.I have found that exercising also helps my eating habits. Getting rid of stress controls the emotional eating. I also tend to eat healthier. I guess subconsciously, I don't want to waste the workout.I do think it makes you look younger. When I work out regularly, and eat lots of salads, I think I look younger. Or perhaps exercise makes me delusional. Either way it works, lol.

  11. Sherry, it's a total stress thing for me too. Exercise is the only thing that kept me off antidepressants for those two long years of depression. I do have to be careful because I think her workout can cause injuries. I so often wonder how those contestants on BL don't get more injuries than they do. I have had to learn the difference between good pain (muscle aches) and bad pain (tendon and joint injury). I wish there was more information out there.Thanks for commenting. There is plenty of solid evidence that exercise does improve aging. It is really important.

  12. Julia helped me so much, too. If I do have a complaint with Jillian it is that she sometimes makes her modifications seem like they are for the weak when they might be for injury prevention. My muscles can work out hard; it is my joints that I have to watch out for and some of her moves are hard on joints.

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