Man Candy Monday

Mr. Darcy

In honor of my own squashed like a little bug, Mr. Darcy, who bit it on the road outside my house last week, today I give you our first fictional Man Candy character, Mr. Darcy, in his many incarnations.

Frankly, I think this Mr. Darcy thing is evidence that I’m not entirely a girl.  Don’t hate me, but I kinda don’t get it.  Painful waiting while the guy figures it out just isn’t my style.

Maybe some of my readers can explain Mr. Darcy to me.  Use small words and speak slowly because, for some reason, likely something missing in my DNA, I just don’t get it.

But for today, you do, get Mr. Darcy that is.


ETA: I forgot the best Pride and Prejudice is actually Bride and Prejudice. Here the dance scene:


14 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday

  1. The real Mr. Darcy comes across more in the book than any of the movies, I think. It's easy to see him as a brooding stick in the mud who doesn't know what he wants… but that's not the real guy.I love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth because it's not about waiting for the guy to make a move, it's about them both moving together. Both enter their relationship with pride and prejudices, and both have to be humbled before they can really fall in love. What's awesome about Mr. Darcy, to me, is that he's this rich, famous guy but he is forced to reevaluate himself after he has some sour conversations with Lizzy, and when he finds that she has a point he actually tries to change for the better. They both work for the relationship, and eventually come together as equals… which is somewhat rare in fiction, and especially in contemporary works.And I typed all this with one hand and while high on pain drugs, so hopefully it makes a good argument because I can't really tell. πŸ™‚

  2. I don't really get him. Well, I see that in P&P both make progress and learn how to leave their old prejudices/habits behind…but it makes me crazy. I start talking to the characters and telling them off…it's not a quiet read. πŸ™‚ Do I need to turn in my girl card at the door now?

  3. I just watch P&P last night. I think that midenianscholar is right on, high or not. :)I get frustrated, too, though. There is so much time they spend passing each other. It is like Serendipity, only in the 1800s.Robin, Mr. Knightly does a certain amount of waiting, too. He waits for Emma to grow up.

  4. Okay, so I see my problem. I'm terrible at waiting. Really bad at it. As far as romances and waiting, I think no book is worse than Wuthering Heights. That's a lot of waiting for two loathsome people to fall in love. Ugh.

  5. I get Colln Firth, however I do not really care for Mr Darcy. I always liked Colonel Fitzwilliam better. Mostly, I think movie adaptations of Jane Austin's novels portray the men as rather wimpy. That foppy dude in Sense and Sensibility really annoys me. It's not so much the actor. I've seen him in other movies and didn't have quite the ich and shudder factor of Sense and Sensibility. I hate Wuthering Heights too!Susan

  6. Susan, I had to finally quit reading Wuthering Heights when I realized that I just didn't care about either of them, they were just that loathsome. What you have said, makes total sense to me. I think there is probably a reason I had a French boyfriend, but never an English one. Chloe

  7. Susan, you might right. Maybe I'll start getting hatemail from sexy Englishmen defending their romantic honor. So to all Englishmen everywhere: I'm sure you're sexy what with all that stiff-upper lip stuff you do. I really am sure. Don't send me, chloe

  8. Elizabeth wasn't doing the waiting. She was doing the figuring out while Darcy did the waiting. But then the tables did turn and the characters switched roles in the waiting game until they both finally were ready at the same time.I'm more of a Mr. Knightly girl myself. (edited the &*$^!!@!@!*&! spelling errors…and I have NOT taken any drugs so I have nothing to blame it on!!)

  9. Chloe, Interesting discourse her. I love the classics, however I don't have a lot of patience for some of these novel characters myself!xoxoKarenaArt by KarenaI have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

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