A Blog Dedicated to a Puddle?

Depending on whether you are a glass half-full sort or a glass half-empty type, the following blog shows that either the world is fast running out of ideas, or that the spirit of human creativity is indomitable.

It’s an entire blog dedicated to a puddle.

I’m not kidding.  At least it is very peaceful.

But a puddle?


Dang, I wish I’d thought of that.


3 thoughts on “A Blog Dedicated to a Puddle?

  1. Wow. There's a lot of interesting people in this world… Personally, I enjoy the fact that your blog is about a multitude of things — travel, cooking, family, pantyhose, etc. I never know what I'll get to read about that day — and that surprise is part of the fun. I can promise I wouldn't read a blog every day about a puddle…

  2. It totally takes all kinds, doesn't it? There are a lot worse things on the web than a blog dedicated to a puddle. I found it very relaxing.Chloe

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