Why I haven’t given up on Twitter

After a couple of weeks on Twitter, I wanted to come back and announce that I haven’t completely given up. In fact today was my best day on Twitter ever.  I made some coherent tweets and got retweeted a couple of times, and didn’t totally feel like I had boogers hanging out of my nose.

I think the secret is finding real people to tweet with, and I think I might have actually begun to meet some real human beings there (of course, I always had Anne and then Susan and Robin, and they are as real as real can be).

I want to confess that I unfollowed my first person today.  Like the new student at her first high school dance, I was indiscriminate with who I followed in the beginning.  But I just couldn’t take anymore of this certain twit’s inane New Age gobbledygook about the Universe and how much it loves me.  I thought about it for a couple of days because I didn’t want to hurt her feewings.  I mean she’s out there believing the Universe is sending her good things and I up and unfollow her?  But I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  It was like a constant stream from a bad *S*C*I*E*N*T*O*L*O*G*Y* commercial (Anne says never write the “S” word on your blog or they find you, kidnap you, and turn you into a Borg).

So I unfollowed her.  Gone she is from my stream of consciousness.  I hope the Universe can forgive me.


4 thoughts on “Why I haven’t given up on Twitter

  1. Twitter is a wonderful place but also can be very difficult at first. I think the key to it is to engage with people. Don't feel bad about unfollowing someone. In the beginning I followed everyone that had the word "mom" in their profile. I realized quickly that I didn't fit with all of them so I started unfollowing them so that my stream was people I wanted to talk to.

  2. Jessica, this is exactly what I'm discovering. Give myself time to find and engage people.Thanks for the comment. Hope things are going well your way.chloe

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