To wear capris, or to not wear capris? THAT is the question.

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the 
slings and arrows of Tim Gunn, OR to take up capris and wear them anyway and by opposing risk looking pretty dang “letting-yourself-go”?

Aaahh, summer.  And that means it is time for capri wars once again.  I will go back out onto my limb and say, ladies, “Just say, “No.”  At least most of the time.

Capris make your legs look stunted

Look, I admit it.  I wear capris sometimes too because they do have their place.  I have two pairs.  I wear them around the house, and to certain lady parties where they are the expected costume.  

But at no time while wearing them do I think I look fashionable or chic. I don’t. And unless you are a willowly 6’1″ and weigh 100lbs and professionally modeling Milan, likely you don’t either. 

Most likely you look like a Hobbit. 

Some capris ARE worse than others:

Just say, “No.”

And unless all of your clothes have been lost in a terrible fire or stolen by marauding gypsies, and the only clothes you have to wear are the ones your crazy cat lady neighbor has lent you, do not EVER wear these:

Sweet Mother of all that is Holy, Just, Please, Say, “NO!”

What sayest thou?  Capris.  Yay or nay?

30 thoughts on “To wear capris, or to not wear capris? THAT is the question.

  1. I like cropped pants more than capris. Capris hit the widest part of the calf, and who wants that?!?I have 2 pair, one of which I mostly only wear around the house (or to weigh in at WW because they weigh a whopping 4 oz. lol). They have way too much nasty spandex, and after an hour I look like I am carrying something in the backside besides my backside.I have a denim pair that are cute, and I wear out of the house, but only for certain things.Give me a pair of Bermuda length shorts or a cute knee length skirt and I'm happy.Oh, I do have 3 pair of yoga pant capris that I adore, but only wear for walking, exercising and cleaning the house.

  2. I have a denim pair that look ok for certain events. But because I am short capris end up too long on me and it looks like I have serious high-waters going on. "They're too short to be trousers, and too long to be capris, good Lord above, what on earth is that woman wearing?!"

  3. Capris are definitely dicey on short women and don't do anything for lengthening your line.I do agree, there seem to be times when you just have to wear them. Tupperware Parties come to mind.

  4. I have to go take a shower and to go work today and won't be able to be back to this discussion until later. But don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm very curious about good alternatives to capris.Thanks for coming, chloe

  5. I do wear them – only denim ones – and usually they are more like jeans with the cuffs rolled up. I think they are cute. And really, what else is one supposed to wear when it’s sweltering outside? I do wear shorts, but can’t wear those to all occasions. I also wear skirts sometimes, but I really have trouble finding skirts I like. The elastic waist skirts that are so popular now do not give me enough structure (to use a favorite Chloe word) 🙂 Fashion is exhausting.

  6. Kristi, you bring up my own pet-peeve about fashion: If Tim Gunn taketh away, what does Tim Gunn replaceth it with? What are we supposed to wear?I would like to see more walking shorts in stores. I have a hard time finding well-fitting walking

  7. I have 2 pairs. My husband hates them. I hate one pair and the other pair is acceptable except that I've lost some weight, so they are now slightly baggy. So much for acceptable. Funny story, though. I hadn't EVER worn capris…especially because the hubby hates them. I bought these in a rushed panic one day. I was on my way to a homeschool co-op leaders training and realized that I was wearing SHORTS. They met a need.

  8. I have only ever owned one pair of capris, white at that!, and surprisingly I liked them. This was back in my "conservative hs mom in S. Texas" days.Now, in my "not so conservative as I thought, still hs mom, living in Brazil" days, I have discovered skirts and dresses make a far classier look for those hot days when shorts won't do. And, really, the capris were mostly to wear on the "I didn't feel like shaving all the way" days; a nice maxi dress subs nicely for that now.

  9. I think you picked the frumpiest pictures of Capris ever :).I say yes to Capris if you chose the right pair for your body style. I live in the Cafe Capri by J.Crew and love my denim capris. I will try to post some links: has a great selection of longer shorts. Nordstrom had them this year as well.

  10. I say yea, but with several qualifiers. I'm blessed with long legs that tend toward slender. (Don't stone me. They're the only thing on my body that tends that way.) I can wear close-fitting capris, but that's the only kind I look good in. They need to hit at just the right place on my calf, or I look like I have stick legs. I have one pair of denims and one pair of black.

  11. Reader, I your experience echoes my own. Honestly, walking shorts really aren't less modest than Crapis (I mean, Capris) and more flattering for most women.

  12. Susan, can I win? Like in a court of law? If Stacy and Clinton are sitting on the jury then I might win a settlement so large that I'd need the services of that J.G. Wentworth guy.

  13. knittinpeace, I do think it is possible, but I'm entirely sure that flattering capris do NOT have an elastic waistband or drawstrings at the bottom.

  14. I love my capris, and they are all denim. Bermuda shorts look horrible on my body type. The thought of it makes me shutter. I hate shorts. None of them ever fit me right. They make me look and feel fat, while capris seems to slim me. I don't know what you mean by looking like a Hobbit. I don't even have hairy toes.

  15. I'm glad you don't look like a Hobbit. There are two things I AM really picky about in a man: good teeth and nice feet.Everyone can easily see from my header banner that my husband has particularly nice feet and very unhairy toes.I never could finish that Hobbit book because of Tolkien's insistence on repeatedly describing Bilbo's feet and toes.So, Legume, I am really happy to hear that you don't have hairy toes. If I had hairy toes I'd probably wax them or something.Chloe

  16. "Capris" is too big of a group of clothing to disdain it all in one fell swoop. I go to a casual church, and I like to wear them in the summer. A good basic pair in either black or tan can go with lots of different tops! Sometimes I wear casual skirts, but they are past knee-length, too. I do wearing walking/bermuda shorts most places, but not to church. Plus, I have gross spider veins around me knees and they will distract me during the sermon. I do agree with a previous poster that you picked a couple really ugly pairs for your examples – a nice pair of cargo capris is cute with a tshirt or polo, denim ones can go with anything. No elastic waists, though!

  17. I like capris and crops. I do have to be careful when I'm shopping, because I'm short. But that's always true, not just when it comes to capris and crops. They are more comfortable for me, fit my body better, than shorts. They're practical for going between home and the city. In fact, they're perfect for days when jeans would be too hot in the city, and shorts would be too cold at home. Furthermore, I've never accidentally mooned anyone while wearing capris. Dockers have a couple of styles of capris that aren't really my favorite, but they don't look bad. I have a pair of DKNY crops that I really like. All we need is for Kate and Pippa to wear capris or crops, to legitimize them (can you hear me rolling my eyes?).

  18. I have to go take a shower and to go work today and won't be able to be back to this discussion until later. But don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm very curious about good alternatives to capris.Thanks for coming, chloe

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