Mr. Darcy, R.I.P

Sweet Mr. Darcy

It just has been a very bad year to be our pet.  Poor Mr. Darcy got out of the house night before last and was killed by a car.  He was really the sweetest little cat, stupid as a post, but still really sweet, and he will be missed terribly.  I’m not sure I can take much more of this.  I am so angry with myself.  I saw him, but I had my hands full and he ran off and now he’s gone.

We are very good pet owners and as a rule our pets live long and prosper, but every now and again we have a bad run and we’re sure having one now.  


7 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy, R.I.P

  1. Mr. Darcy, we hardly knew ye.I mourn the adorable feller I never got to meet.Give his soulmate my love. She's not Elizabeth, though, is she? I've forgotten her name. She's not Jane Austen, either, is she? Emma? ~sigh~ Give her my love, anyway.

  2. He's not here tonight. boohoo. I've been watering the lawn and he always liked to lie in the grass and watch me water the lawn. It is weird how these animals become part of the landscape of your life even when you don't totally notice it.

  3. I tried to comment yesterday, and blogger ate it. So, belated condolences, Chloe. I totally understand; we still very much miss the many pets who've wandered into and then out of our lives. Love on the furballs you have home with you. (hugs)

  4. The Reader, isn't this the truth? I almost knew the moment I saw his cute fuzzy face and gave him a particularly darling name that he wasn't long for this world.If he'd been ugly and mean and I'd named him Hitler, he'd never have die.

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