That’s It! I’m Moving!

Yes, I made this picture myself!

I’ve been keeping this a secret, but I’ve been thinking about moving for a long time.  And now I’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and just do it.  So I’m hereby announcing that I’m moving–to my own domain address.  (No, I’m not leaving the Mountain.  I told you guys already that I make all my decisions based on sex, and my favorite lover is here and he’s not budging.)

Jean-Luc and I are packing furiously. (Okay, I’m lying, he’s laying on the floor next to me thinking about taking a whiz on the leg of my husband’s desk and I’m packing furiously.)

So to make this transition as smooth as possible, I’m trying to figure out everything WordPress. Of course I’m not a web designer, or a computer geek, or, well, really qualified, trained or skilled in any way whatsoever to do this.   But that’s never stopped me before, so why should it now?

Besides, I think knowledge and skill are over-rated.  They, whoever “they” are, say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Sheer blind, foolish recklessness has gotten me this far in life and I’m not about to argue against what works.

Yes, people DO pay other people to do this for them, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it is worth every penny.  I spent three long, thankless hours last night just trying to make a custom header.  Sheesh.  But let’s face it, unlike the rest of blogdom, I’m not making any money here writing this nonsense.  This is a glorified hobby so that I can tell people I’m a writer.  (Okay, I’m lying again.  Full Disclosure: So far I’ve made a whopping $9.70 on my google ads.  Any fantastic web designers willing to redesign my blog for $9.70 are welcome to contact me.)

For you, dear reader, this ought to be completely effortless because the way this should work is that one day you’ll click to come here and the magic of the internet should automatically take you to my new home.  That’s the theory anyway.

So if you click here and I’m gone or it redirects you to a private WordPress log-in site or something crazy like that, don’t despair.  Not that I think you’d really “despair”.  Actually, I’m the one despairing that this will actually work at all.  But if that happens, just try back later. And I’ll post updates on my progress as I make some.

Wish me luck.


10 thoughts on “That’s It! I’m Moving!

  1. >I want to do the same thing. I already have webspace ( but wordpress overwhelms me at first glance. I will be watching your experience in how it works.

  2. >I’ve had my own domain for years and I use wordpress. I also design my own blog. If you need any help, just let me know, I’ll help for free. My blog template is Thesis, and it makes changing your blog look with the seasons sooooo easy. Or even if you don’t want to do that, anytime you want to make a change it is very easy.

  3. I'm not savvy enough to even know what you're talking about, Chloe. *blush* From the context here, I will assume for the sake of argument (not to be construed as a promise to argue with you, but anyway…) that WordPress is another URL.Better? Worse? Different size? Different color?Guess I'll have to "stay tuned" and find out. Wishing you well!Sherry

  4. Sherry, WordPress is another blog hosting site that allows me to use my own domain name instead of a blogspot name. The design is done and I like it a lot, but the flow right now is not seamless. Until it is then my blog will be here on blogger.

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