Update on the little Bichon named Doo


Sweet little Jean-Luc is healing remarkably well.  All the various puncture marks are healed over and all that is left are the two large slash and tear wounds on the top of his neck. Poor little guy is very itchy, so I have to keep a little baby t-shirt over his neck to keep him from scratching and ripping the scabs open.  Several times a day I scratch him around the healing wounds and he’s just in heaven.
I took these pictures today, and you can see that the state of his grooming still leaves a lot to be desired, but I haven’t had the heart to subject him to a bath yet. A little bichon’s life is grooming and Jean-Luc is no exception, but it isn’t his favorite activity and I figure he’s been through enough. I’m waiting until the remaining wounds are completely healed and the scabs have fallen off before I give him a bath and a complete groom. 

I know he’s feeling better because he’s back to his spoiled rotten self.  He treed a couple of large tree squirrels today.  As they were chattering angrily and throwing pine cones at him, he was barking furiously at them. He wouldn’t come, so I had to go and get him and forcibly carry him back into the house. Of course, since I spoil him absolutely rotten, I wasn’t upset at all. I was so happy to see him back to guarding his territory.  I had to laugh at the spectacle of this little dog giving these two furious squirrels what for.  I don’t think he’s learned his lesson that he’s just a little flufferbutt and not a ferocious protector.  I think from Jean-Luc’s point of view, in Bichon vs Wild, it’s Bichon 1 and Wild 0.


3 thoughts on “Update on the little Bichon named Doo

  1. >So glad he is feeling better and can chase the big, bad squirrels. 🙂 We used to have a cairn terrier and one day he came prancing around the corner of the house with a dead squirrel in his mouth. My dh was so proud. "Look! He caught a squirrel!" I personally think the squirrel had a heart attack, fell out of the tree, and landed right in front of the dog.

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