How to Wear a Scarf Like a French Woman

Let’s face it ladies, nobody is googling, “How to Dress Like an American Woman.”  In fact, if you google, “How to Dress Like an American Woman” you’ll mostly get articles on how to dress like a French woman.  There’s a reason.  French women know how to create a personal style and they know how to rock it.  You can do it too.  It isn’t all that difficult.  And all you need to begin is a beautiful scarf.

The scarf is the quintessential French accessory.and EVERY woman in Paris wears one.  We were in Paris for six full days and every day I wore one, too.

I must admit that mine were on the slightly more colorful side than most Parisian women were wearing, but I certainly felt chic just the same. A big part of being chic and stylish is being aware and sensitive to fashion trends, but also being comfortable with who you are and refusing to be a slave to someone else’s fashion sense. I like colorful scarves and I wore mine with pride.  And who knows?  Maybe next year really colorful scarves will be worn on the Champs-Elysees and you’ll know who started it first.

Scarf-tying is its own artform, and I almost came to wonder if every woman on the streets of Paris had her own signature scarf tie.  There are tons of videos on youtube about scarf-tying, but I found this quick one I wanted to share with you today.

There is also a really good (and short) video here; I especially like the last one because it looks like a braid.  And check out 37 Ways to Tie a Scarf  located in my sidebar.

The bad news about scarves is that really nice ones can be a bit spendy, but the good news is that they are so versatile that you can wear them over and over again with lots of different outfits giving them a good price per wear fashion value.  As you all know from my constant whining, my access to great stores near my area is limited, so I do a lot of my shopping online.  Here are a couple of pretty scarves from ShopBop that I really liked.  The grey one on the right is almost identical to the one I did buy for myself in Paris, and I like the one of the left because I’m just head-over-heels in love with that color right now.


8 thoughts on “How to Wear a Scarf Like a French Woman

  1. >Ack – I posted a comment, but now I don't see it. If this is duplicate, just delete it.So how does one wear a scarf in the summer when its a bazillion degrees out?(As I sit here -oh so hip and stylish in my capri pants and Lands End t-shirt)

  2. >Lorri, this is a good question. I almost waited to post this until fall, but it seems like such an important accessory that I could wait. During the hot months, one idea is to tie your scarves onto the handle of your purse. It dresses up your purse, giving it new life, and adds color and pattern in an unexpected way.Wear light, narrow scarves warn with short-sleeved or sleeveless tops to add a bit of sophistication. Try this look for a church social or a shopping trip to an air-conditioned mall.I do realize it is quite warm for many of you, but Fall is coming and it won't be long until it is scarf weather again.

  3. >This is one positive about our climate. I can wear scarves all year without discomfort. Thank you for the inspiration for alternatives. I was getting in a scarf rut!

  4. >I was going to say just what Lorri said! I hope you will trot this one back out for a re-post in October when we go to our convention, and you don't want to have to write something new, because we'll be so busy. For those of us who are sweating it out right now, we'll be most appreciative of the reminder. That is a fabulous video! She makes it look so easy and oooh la la!!!

  5. Thank you so much for the 37 ways link. I have a lot of scarves and had completely forgotten how to tie the square ones. So I was only wearing about three in my collection, now I can bring them all out for an airing.And loved the Paris photos.

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