Creating Cozy Outdoor Rooms


With only three short months to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, we try to make every moment of summer count by making our outdoor spaces inviting and comfortable.  Our winters are long and wet, but our summers are mercifully dry, so I can put real furniture on our porch for the short three months we get to enjoy it.

Here are some pictures I took of our front yard and porch yesterday.  Click “read more” to see the rest.  Have a lovely summer day.

Up the walkway

I don’t have plants in the hanging baskets yet because it’s just been too cold.  I hope to get some petunias in next week.  The tulips are blown and now we’re waiting for the roses.

The Porch

Real furniture is cheaper than outdoor furniture, but not nearly as durable to withstanding harsh weather (duh). This table and chairs came from an estate sale.  In the winter I move it into another room near a sunny window.

My husband hates the loveseat (he doesn’t see the purpose in any furniture that doesn’t allow for lying down and taking a nap), but I get to pull it out of storage for the summer.  I just love it on the porch.  I’ve been doing it for three years now and it has held up fine so far.

The wall hangings are various things I’ve picked up at Ross or end-of-summer sales.  The little urn hanging is actually a small wall fountain.

I do wish I had an area rug for this porch.  Maybe someday.

Have a seat

Lighting is essential for creating a mood.  Using the table lamp creates inviting and cozy lighting at night.

Hang artwork for a real room feel
Refurbished Chandelier

I’ve really been wanting to create this outdoor chandelier for a long time.  I used an old 1980s shiny brass chandelier, took it apart and reconfigured it, and painted it matte black.  I bought the seeded glass shades at Home Depot for $5 and the special lightbulbs which glow like golden candles when lit at night.  I rewired it to be a plug-in and hung it with chain since I don’t have an outlet above the table.


Tick promises me that he loves me more than the sun, the moon and the stars

View from the front door

The Hammock

There is nothing more relaxing than a hammock.  Even just seeing a hammock reduces stress. This one hangs between two white and blue lilac trees at that far end of the yard.  In the late afternoon, it is a shady spot for reading a magazine.

View of the house from the hammock

White Lilacs

White Lilacs in full bloom

Lilacs and Birdhouse

Pretty little fairy seen at the bottom of the steps to the porch.  She makes me smile.


10 thoughts on “Creating Cozy Outdoor Rooms

  1. >"love". I recall a very pleasant afternoon spent on that very loveseat. We have similar weather here and I try to make our outside as inviting as possible, too.I'm still on the hunt for a decent loveseat to install on the front porch. I totally agree about the hammock. We have one I got for $1 at a friends yard sale. It's still going strong.

  2. >This all looks so very inviting! I love the look of outdoor rooms furnished with indoor furniture. Something about the combination of cozy comfort, flowers, fresh air and sunshine… yum!Our weather isn't reliably dry until… uh… maybe never, some years. But I have a deep screened-in porch that could probably safely house some indoor furniture in the summer, as long as the rain falls down, not sideways. I'm feeling inspired! Thank you!

  3. >I can just drink in the smell of the lilacs while I lay there with my iPad!! Ahhh! Very NICE ambiance and it makes me want to come over right now! Post a picture at night too, I want to see the candle, lamp, and chandelier in action! I'm dying to know which state you live in!! πŸ™‚

  4. >How beautiful – I love the chandelier and the banner. Your garden is amazing – it makes me wish we had the space and the weather to have an outdoor room.

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