Wonderbread Chloe


I felt a little bad about maybe poking a little fun at Sunflower Lady.  My conscience was a bit appeased since you cannot possibly tell who she is.  But still.  Turnabout being fair play, I figured if she had a blog then she might post this picture of me dressed as a loaf of Wonderbread.
Heavy with Wolfie

Granted, it is a terrible picture, both in content and quality, but remember that it was was taken almost 21 years ago to this very day.  This is the largest I could get it to scan without going too fuzzy. I had to use Photobucket.com to  put heart stickers over the terrible side-boobage problem this suit had to protect the eyes of the innocent.  It was a $5 suit from Ross and I guess if you want your girls completely covered from the side it costs more and who buys an expensive pregnancy bathing suit?

So there you have it.  Me as a loaf of Wonderbread.  I hope this makes Sunflower Lady and everybody else feel a little bit better.  I know I do.


12 thoughts on “Wonderbread Chloe

  1. >You haven't changed a bit! Well, except for the belly. And the taste in clothing. Anyway, you look just as young today as you did when you were Wonderwoman. 🙂

  2. >Tabitha, lol, That's what I was thinking. I figure it isn't fair to poke fun at others if you aren't willing to take the ribbing yourself.

  3. >I kept thinking, "How does she swim with those heart appliques on there?" Duh.I think you looked darling. Even with the white and polka dot suit. Although whoever designed polka dots on a maternity bathing suit should have their scissors and pencils taken away and snapped into itty bitty pieces.

  4. >THZ, yes, my thoughts exactly. I realize the heart appliques are deceiving, but I promise that I'd have to change my blog rating to post the picture without them. The suit was totally useless. I had to swim with my arms together to keep from floating out the sides.

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