It’s a BOY!


Last year, just a few days before my mom was told her cancer had returned with a vengeance, our beloved German Sheperd Dog, Jonah, passed away suddenly from splenic cancer.  It was a terrible loss for us.

Jonah, A Very Good Dog 

A few weeks later we began talks with a breeder, but as my mom’s illness began to look more and more serious, and the likelihood of her coming here to die became a certainty, we put the puppy decision off and let that litter go.  We didn’t want a rambunctious puppy here while caring for my fragile mom.

Time passes.

Right before we left for Paris, we recontacted the breeder and put in our deposit for a litter that was coming due and I’m here to announce that our new little guy has been born.  Here’s a picture of his very proud momma:

Raynor’s Mommy and littermates

Doesn’t she look very pleased with herself?  She should be.  Nine puppies.  Nine!

Here’s a shot of the little puppies all alone.

I can’t tell you which one is ours.  We’ve already named him Raynor, which means “Wise Warrior”, and, especially after the wild animal attack on our little bichon, Jean-Luc, we can’t wait for him to get here and grow and start his very important job of loving us and protecting us.

Just in case you’re wondering, he isn’t a black.  The puppies from her last litter all ended up with fine masks. This mating is a repeat and here’s an example of the sort of dog they put out together last time:

So, cigars all around.  It’s a boy!


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