Freaky Friday


In honor of my husband coming home today from San Diego, I thought I’d clean the house and take a shower. It’s the little things that count in a marriage.  So I’m not going to spend my whole day blogging, reading other people’s blogs, or chatting up my girlfriends on the phone.  (But I’m sort of figuring out twitter, and kinda liking it, so that’s why I’m making not any promises about that.)

But I want to give you a special treat for stopping by for a visit.   I came across this picture and thought it was pretty Freaky.  So in honor of Freaky Friday, here she is, proving that everything coming up daisies isn’t always a good thing.

Do you think they named the baby, “Daisy”?

For more Trashiest Pregnancy Pictures (and some of them are much trashier than this, so make sure you’re an adult and you have your sense of humor app installed and running properly), check out


16 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. >Well, she has lovely nails, but the hair on her arms is a bit dark and abundant, for my own personal taste. However, if that flower goes to seed, she'll have a built in healthy snacking source, so, that's pretty practical.

  2. >I have no idea. I stared with horrified fascination. You guys do realize that some RNs somewhere (NOT ME) had to care for these fine ladies and gentlemen when their time came. I wonder what they wore to L&D.

  3. >Stephanie, that's right! And she was smart of put that big daisy in front of her face so that when this went all over the internet nobody would know it was her.

  4. >Reminds me of a lady who used to work in my dad's office and was expecting. She drew a big smilie face on her pregnant belly, walked over to a co-worker who was on the phone on a business call, and pulled up her shirt, exposing her pregant smilie. Once he was finished choking, he managed to croak out to the person on the other end he'd call the person back. But she didn't have a ginormous sunflower. Too bad for her.

  5. >I like the one of big sister (?) giving the baby a kiss.We didn't do studio belly-shots (or any other kind, really… except for a shot of me on the way to the delivery spot), but if we had, I'd've wanted one of my most vivid memory: my 3 older kids asking me to open my mouth WIDE so they could should "Good morning!" down to the baby…

  6. >Psallite, I also think that one is pretty cute. And your story is delightful. That is a memory that will keep you warm at the old folks home.

  7. >And yet another reason I don't do…and won't do belly shots, thankyouverymuch. I'm all for pregnancy and motherhood and celebrating the changing body but that's different from putting it on display for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. to see.

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