Pippa Middleton Wears Pantyhose


Did Pippa Middleton make a fashion statement or “commit the ultimate pantyhose sin”?  You be the judge.

But I told you. You heard it here first: Pantyhose are making a comeback.  Back in April, on this POST, entitled, I Bring Good News From the Fashion Capitol of the World, I told you that pantyhose were going to make a big comeback, and soon.  I had no idea how soon.

Some of you poo-poo’d me, but the legs of the women on the Champs Elysées do not lie. Not only did I see pantyhose being worn on women who looked terrific in them, I passed several hosiery shops in Paris while walking around looking for raspberry tarts to eat.  You got to be selling a couple of pairs a day to keep an entire store open, you’d think.  If they were growing in popularity enough to support entire stores dedicated to them that could only mean one thing: we’d be seeing them here soon.

And it wasn’t just in Paris.  I saw plenty of pantyhose in London as well.  In this London clothing store in Soho, where I shopped with my friend, Julia, we passed a large selection prominently displayed in the front of the store:

They aren’t called pantyhose though; they’re called “tights”.

Tights by any other name are still pantyhose

Pippa gets chided in the press for wearing shiny pantyhose, but it looks to me like she might have been wearing a pair of these “oiled” ones.

Apparently some so-called fashionistas here in America are still in denial, but New York Fashion begrudgingly confirms what I told you nearly a full two months ago: Pantyhose are making a comeback.  And on the the legs of Pippa Middleton in Paris, no less.

Of course, Pippa Middleton, as a European, knows well enough what women are wearing in Paris.  And if you’ve been reading my blog you knew it, too.  And you also know that Pippa wasn’t making a fashion faux pax; she’s at the cutting edge.

Like most of you, I do not want to become a slave to hot, sweaty pantyhose in the middle of August, but I would like to have the freedom to wear them with dresses when my legs don’t look their best, or when it is cold.  I’d simply like to have the choice.

Pippa’s pantyhose, with flats!, harkens a new age of legwear freedom for all.

And the women everywhere rejoiced!

Or did they?

What about you?  Are you a hater or a lover?

Make a comment.

Let’s get a consensus.

Inquiring bloggers like me want to know.

Can I now wear pantyhose or not?

Are pantyhose gauche or godsend?


20 thoughts on “Pippa Middleton Wears Pantyhose

  1. >I'm torn! I did a post on this on my blog and most women still hate them.I'm not in love with them, but I NEED leg covering sometimes when black tights won't cut it.

  2. >I remember that poll. I guess the question is whether American women will start wearing them again or not. Does someone like Pippa Middleton have the fashion clout to bring pantyhose back to America?

  3. >I can't stand them, and it will suit me just fine if they never return, as long as we can wear soft tights in the winter. However, I do acknowledge that we heard it here first, so, hats off to you. And pantyhose off to me!

  4. >oh i am so for them, godsend! they neaten up the whole look, make it more together. proper fit is key though, the right pair should feel like you're not wearing any 🙂 i so love that upon seeing the above "oiled legs" pic elsewhere, and googling "pippa's pantyhose" i have now come across your super awesome blog! thank you!jane

  5. >Thanks for the informative and fun post, Chloe. 🙂 Here's a former Victoria's Secret employee (back when pantyhose were in!) who is glad to see them back and hopefully part of foundational lingerie options again.I wouldn't want to be forced to wear them daily, but I agree with Jane that some outfits call for them. I see hose like make-up in that some people can go without and look great, but a light covering looks nice on most women, especially for more formal occasions. "Godsend" vote here!

  6. >I'm happy they're making a comeback. As a girl with white legs, and one who is prone to bruising, I agree with Jane: sometimes a girl just needs a neater look.

  7. >NEVER, NEVER,NEVER, will I ever, ever, ever,wear panty hose by any other name again! SO constricting, so confining, so clostrophophic. AAACK! Please, never bring them back. I love the look of cared for legs. Tights in colors and opaque I can stand, but never hose, ever again.

  8. Anon, this is what I think too. I like that I can have the option now and not feel like maybe I'm channeling my inner old lady.Thanks for commenting.Chloe

  9. The irony here is that I HATED pantyhose when I was a young woman and was also among the first to abandon them for everyday wear. But I still miss them when I get dressed up. I'm always happy when women have choices, so overall I think this is a good thing, but I hope not to see the reign of sweatiness of mandatory pantyhose again.

  10. If only women would realise just how much seeing a woman in pantyhose turns a guy on! We love the look! There is nothing wrong with her combination of clothes and hose.

  11. I get the bare legged look but have always been amazed to see women in really expensive suits & killer shoes totally ruin the look by going bare legged on days when their legs weren't at their best. Here's hoping we can decide on our legwear by what suits us best.

  12. This is the reasonable person's position, I think. Bare legs are great, but our legs don't always look their best (especially in winter). And when you are wearing a really formal dress I think bare legs look unfinished. (unless you are Jennifer Aniston, of course).

  13. You've always been able to BUY them in America. And in Middle America only women young enough to wear leg warmers* would wear bare legs to anything you wouldn't go to in Birkenstocks. So Church, Office, Out to Eat – if you wear a skirt, you wear "nylons."*The older women here wear woolen leg warmers frequently. They traditionally wear a dress, knee length moccasins, and a scarf (oddly imported from Eastern Europe) that ties under the chin. The scarf has to be long enough to go under the chin and tie on top of the head when it is windy or they are working very hard. Anyway those deerskin beaded mocs are expensive and so for every day they will tend to wear drug store moccasins and leg warmers (over support stockings). In fact they usually wear "stockings", the kind we used to have garter belts or girdles for but with they magically stay up.So you see when you talk to me about fashion sometimes I can't even understand the plain sense of the words you use.

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