Can We Go Back To Paris? Please?


Yeah, I know.  I already posted this picture the day we took it from our bed in Paris, but it’s worth posting again.

Did I mention that we loved Paris?  Well, we did.  What a great city.  Parisians are often internationally derided for their brusque civic pride (commonly referred to as “rudeness”, although we never found anyone rude), but, darn it, they do have a really beautiful city.  And good cheese.

I don’t know why others go to Paris, but I go to Paris just to help me get through days like today when I’m sick with a bad cold and this interminably dreary Spring weather of the Mountain has finally gotten the best of me.  That crippled chick in An Affair to Remember said that “winter must be cold for those who have no warm memories”.  She obviously never spent a Spring on this freezing mountain.  Oh, and nobody tried to eat her little dog.  By the way, for those who are wondering, The Doo is healing.  Slow, but sure.
So today, cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle, let’s remember Paris, shall we?  And if you’ve never been there then just for today join with me in my reverie and we’ll go to Paris together.

Tick and I are big fans of vacation rentals versus hotels.  We rented an apartment in Rome and we decided to try it again in Paris and we were not disappointed.  If you are going to stay for at least a week we think vacation apartment rentals are really the way to go for lots of good reasons.

After getting good reviews over at tripadvisor, we rented through www, (I’m not getting any kickbacks or other financial incentives; I just liked dealing with them) and stayed at a place called Crazyview.

Yes, that is one teeny bedroom, but the point of Paris is romance, and romance, to be done correctly, is best achieved close up.  We slept close.  Someday I’ll tell you about the little European washer/dryer combination machine that neither washes nor dries, but today let’s only have good memories, okay?  So now that we know where we’re staying, let’s begin.

You are starting your day waking up in Paris next to the sexiest, most romantic man in the world (just go with me on this one, okay?)  Eventually, you’ve got to get out of bed.  You’ve come all the way to Paris, so you’re sort of obligated to get up out of bed at least for awhile and go see the place.

Pull yourself up on your knees and kneeling on the bed (because, as you noticed when you took your little phototour, there is no floor space to stand), open the latch, pull the windows open, throw the shutter wide, and, as the sounds of the most romantic city in the world wash over you, look out your 200-year old window onto the river below.

This is the view as you look out your window to the right:  Ooooh.  You think to yourself, who cares if this is the teeniest bedroom in Paris, I’m in PARIS!  FRANCE!

And this is the view to the left.  Aaaaah.  Yep.  Still in PARIS.
So let’s get dressed and head down the magical, circular staircase that really says “Paris” and see a little of the city, shall we?  Remember, it’s our first full day, so we’ve still got a little jet lag.  We’re going to take it easy and not stress ourselves overmuch so we don’t end up bickering.  Bickering is just no fun, and besides we did that yesterday, remember?  Gypsies?  Old Boyfriend Memories?  Let’s not do that again today.
Down the stairs we go:
Yep, fourth floor walk-up.  That’s how Parisian women stay so slim.  No Elevators.

Paris is basically shaped like a big wheel with all the streets running sort of like spokes from the center.  The River Seine cuts through the middle of the city and everything centers around the River.  Unlike Rome, which built huge walls and turned its back on its famous Tiber, Paris embraces the Seine; it is the artery through the heart of the city.  So beautiful and it must be the most romantic river in the world.  Lucky for you, you’re with the most romantic man in the world.  You’re a lucky, lucky girl.

Our apartment was in the center of the city overlooking the Seine on the  Ile de la Cité. Just a few steps behind our apartment is Notre Dame.

Take a picture of that handsome man:

And then let him take a picture of you:

Check out them flying buttresses:

Wander around and see some sights like one of the most interesting bookstores in the world: Shakespeare and Co.

Check out all them books.
Time for a treat?  Don’t worry, Paris has a ton of treats.  You can never eat them all.  But try.

…and before you know it it’s time to head back to your apartment.

Walk by Notre Dame at night.

Haunting isn’t it?  You can almost see that Hunchback leaning out from the shadows.

Time to go back to bed.  The end to a perfect day.  Every day is perfect that ends in Paris.


10 thoughts on “Can We Go Back To Paris? Please?

  1. >Beautiful, Chloe! Someday I'd love to go and put all my high school French (whatever may be left of it) to work. I think those treats are calling my name. 🙂

  2. >When I was there, I was without the sexiest man in the world, having not yet met him, but it was still magnifique. Now, I'd just like to take him there myself. Once we pay off a few medical bills.

  3. I finally put disqus on my blog so I can respond to individuals. Thanks for commenting, Donna. I'm glad you like. I have some friends where the wife is serving in Iraq and Paris is where they've been meeting up when she has R&R. They love it. I hope you get to do that with your beloved.

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