Giving up the dream

It is always my goal to travel with carry-on only if at all possible.  Sadly, rainy weather ruins the plan for this trip.  My poor husband will now be lugging my huge check-in bag up a 5th walk-up.  I was lamenting on how sad this was when he said, “What do you care?  You’re not the one who’ll be lugging it?”  He’s right actually.  Except I’ll have to listen to the complaining.

10 thoughts on “Giving up the dream

  1. >I love my big backpack…but I won't be using it when I travel this time. Perhaps you could suggest to your dh that you could only have a carryon if you can shop to your heart's content!! Have a wonderful time!!

  2. >ME TOO!!!!! For me it's usually all these kiddos that throw my packing small 'out the window'. Tell the Tick you'll make it up to him….with a wink and a smile and the promise of an eclair or 10.

  3. >Having been to Paris in April, I can confidently say that you may well be quite happy for having rain gear. Hope you don't need it, but let the Tick lift that barge and tote that bale. That's why God gave him that incredibly muscular physique under that blue spandex. Ticks were made for climbing flights of stairs.

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