>Yard Work


Periwinkle Door

Check out our back door. I saw this color in a magazine last year and had it color matched at the paint store. I really love this color; it is always a happy surprise to open this door to our deck.

But today we have no time for happiness here on the mountain (said mostly tongue-in-cheek) as my husband and I now begin the work to prepare for winter. We have several projects that must be completed before mid-October and the first snow. I’m really trying hard to have a better attitude about winter coming. Winter coming means another spring will come too, right?

Today my husband hauled oak up to the house. During last year’s enormous snowstorm (the same one that knocked out our power for 5 days) we lost our large woodshed when it simply collapsed under the weight of all the snow. Jeff has spent the past two days dissasembling the broken shed and hauling oak up to the house where we can use it. Mostly good news. We have a ton of oak, way more than we remembered having back there. We likely won’t need anymore oak this year. YAY! And our wood-splitter survived the smashing. It started up on the first pull. Another YAY!

So Jeff will build us a new woodshed much closer to the house. With the loss of our cheap laborers, otherwise known as our children, we are left to our own devices hauling wood now, our primary heating source, by ourselves. Trust me when I tell you that lugging oak up, one or two pieces at a time while slogging through hip-deep snow is no picnic. It is a major goal to have our wood storage more conveniently located to save our backs from this arduous ordeal. But since the area of the sheds is visible from the front of the house it has to be sightly too. Luckily it looks like we’ll have enough reclaimed lumber left from the old woodshed to recreate a new one without having to purchase more lumber. Another YAY!

I spent the day pruning and weeding. Not my favorite activity as I much prefer planting. But it must be done. I’m going to take more precautions this year with some of my perennials, especially the hydrangeas and roses, to help prevent snow damage. We also need to cut down a few pines and clear out some deadwood manzanita.

But the weather has been glorious. We’ve enjoyed all our meals out of the deck. Jeff bought me a couple of new hummingbird feeders and we sit and watch the aerial acrobatics while enjoying our meal. Those little birds are amazing to watch.


5 thoughts on “>Yard Work

  1. >I love hummingbirds! Tim got me a couple feeders (one suctions onto the window & the other hangs) for Mother's day several years ago. He's so good about keeping them filled, even switching the water out multiple times a day when it's freezing temps. We had tons of hummingbirds in Beaverton, but I just saw our first Wilsonville one today. Woo hoo!

  2. >Chloe, it's good to see you blogging again! I love the color of your back door, and the way the hydrangea matches it. Your garden and porch look deliciously inviting. I always find a sense of satisfaction in getting ready for winter… albeit with a bit of melancholy mixed in. There's a sort of elemental peace for me in being in tune with the change of the seasons, especially summer to fall, although this year I'm fervently hoping for an extended summer after such a late start. Preparing for winter is work you know is going to pay off: winter will come inevitably, and you will be glad you have your wood supply all conveniently tucked away where you can reach it easily.

  3. >You had me at the picture of your DOOR!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously my DREAM DOOR – only mine will be RED. Happy Sigh…………..now what was the rest of the post about????

  4. >Princess offered to buy me a hummingbird feeder in the US when small and was disappointed to hear that even that wouldn't tempt them across the pond.I like the colour of your door and yeah indeed on having enough lumber to create wood storage closer to the house.

  5. You had me at the picture of your DOOR!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously my DREAM DOOR – only mine will be RED. Happy Sigh…………..now what was the rest of the post about????

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