>Remember In December


It has been a particularly delicious summer up on the Mountain. While the rest of the country is roasting and sizzling, we’ve been enjoying mostly non-humid, breezy temperatures in the high 80s during the day and the low 50’s at night. The downside is that I already feel fall in my bones, but let’s not think about that. Here are some pictures from my garden this year.

The vincas are beautiful this year. Planted late, they haven’t disappointed.

Every garden needs a water feature. This little lionhead fountain was purchased for cheap years ago and gives me pleasure every year.

After a very bad winter where I thought I’d maybe lost my hydrangeas, one poor, beleaguered baby managed to pull this beauty out. Isn’t the blue simply magnificent?

This has been the year of the zinnea in my garden. My first time trying to grow them (but definitely not my last) every one of my zinneas is simply gorgeous. They are such a happy, happy flower. Long-lasting and brilliant pink, these have packed quite a color wollup.

With our final frost sometime in late June, the petunias got a late start this year. Still, they are beautiful. I always have good luck with petunias. I usually like a little variety, but the white ones really looked terrific this year and so that’s about all I have.

I love to treat my deck and porch like rooms in the summer. I hang art and pull out this loveseat for a real room-like feel. I spent an entire day on Monday lying on this loveseat and reading; I even ended up taking a nap.

My favorite planter this year is this one with dusty miller, thyme, and a gardenia combo I have growing at the front door. The smell from those gardenias, my absolute favorite flower, is intoxicating. Of course, gardenias are an anuual in my climate, but at $4.98 at Target the price couldn’t be beat. I got four blooms (I doubt there is time to get any more). A single gardenia is about $8 at my florist so I think I got quite the deal. I’ll be sad to see this poor thing die come winter.


5 thoughts on “>Remember In December

  1. >I was loving the things you'd written up at the top of your blog and I recognized them last evening when we watched the "Benjamin Button" movie. Love that quote!I also agree with Anne – Get thee to the lake!

  2. We have the same favorite flower! I haven't stopped reading since I woke this morning. I need to start my day. In a post you said something about people thinking you're just bitter and angry. Do you ever regret being so transparent in your blog? My blog does not reveal the biggest trial in my life. I write about it privately, but I've thought of just putting it out there. I think fear of being seen as angry and bitter holds me back. Just curious what your thoughts are after coming through the fire.

  3. Kristy, this really is the $64 million question. I don't honestly know. I think it's all going to work out in the end, but some of it has been painful. I've gotten pushback. Getting banned off SL for a time and having people who I thought were my friends come out and say outrageous things about me was just a tip of the iceburg. It was hard to have people attack me with the weapons I myself forged and freely gave them. People couldn't have said such things to hurt me if I hadn't already given them my belly.But, in the end, I feel it is all for the best, I suppose. I look to Paul's example. He admitted his truths and let the chips fall where they may. I am not perfect. I do not have a perfect faith, perfect family, perfect children, perfect anything. If somebody wants to read about somebody who is perfect then I suspect they ought to abandon the reading of blogs and stick to the four books of the Gospel. Kristy, you do have to count the cost. There certainly is one.Best of luck as you wrestle with your own truths.love, Chloe

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