>Sorry, I’ve been too busy to blog.


I’ve been busy, busy, busy. And then more busy.

We finished our bathroom remodel (well, there are still some loose ends, but it is up and running) and our laundry room remodel. I’d never finished painted the baseboards from 6 years ago when we had to replace them. Unfortunately, that meant that the hallway and living room needed to be repainted, too, which I did. The hallway is Pratt & Lambert, Safari, and the living room is Benjamin Moore, Sherwood Green.

The yardwork this year has been over-the-top. We didn’t get much done last year due to traveling and other things, so this year there was a lot to do. But currently the grass, along with the weeds, is green and my flowers are blooming. I transplanted one rose bush that now looks like it plans to die. I’m very sad about that.

Tick won a karaoke contest and a trip to Vegas. We had a great time, overall. Our daughter and her husband joined us for part of the trip and we enjoyed our time with them. I got to visit cactusmouse and she was terrific. I hope to get to see her again. We saw two shows, one was KA where cactusmouse’s husband is a lighting engineer (spectacular). I don’t like Vegas, but we still had a good time.

Wolfie is doing well, too. He has a job with Starbucks, a new love in his life (she seems like a nice girl), AND he’s decided to go back to college of his own volition. He is healthy, happy, and making good choices. He calls me and he texts me little love notes. What more can a mom ask for?

I haven’t been working out much this summer what with all the home projects (we do most of the work ourselves), but I hope to get back to it soon.

I’ve got to head off to bed as I have to work the next three days and then I have some guests arriving for a few days of R&R. Tick is headed out of town so we girls can just relax and enjoy the summer here on the mountain.

I love you all and I miss you.


6 thoughts on “>Sorry, I’ve been too busy to blog.

  1. >I miss you too! We "retired" moms have to stick together. šŸ˜‰ My summer has just been swamped and it doesn't seem to be settling down soon. I have cut a few things off my to-do list and just won't be entering as much in the county fair.Meanwhile, while some have been snoring the weather has been POURING and we are standing guard on the basement which has never flooded but is near it now. :\Enjoy your girltime! What fun!!

  2. >Love you dear friend.I hope you didn't mind too terribly my silly thread that I started in your honor. Didn't want to embarrass but I did want you to see how much you truly are loved and appreciated by more than a small minority over 'there'. :hug:

  3. >Miss you too but glad life is going ell and I'm not sure having a son working in Starbucks would be good for my waistline.You mentioned wanting to see photos of my pond – there is a shot of a frog from it on my blog. More to follow once we've finished the fencing!

  4. >Miss you too Chloe. Glad I get to hear a bit from you on FB. It's been a busy summer of schooling and prepping our house for my BIL to move in with us (likely in November, but you never know, and we had lots of painting and moving around to do!) I'm bad about reading blogs steadily, so I'm just reading yours again to get caught up. šŸ™‚ Love ya!Texanna/Briar Rose

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