>A Happiness Project Rough Draft

>Since I do hope there are others besides Robin and I who are getting into the Happiness mode, I thought I’d post my little rough draft of the things I think will be included in my Happiness Project. If it is only Robin and I, then, Robin, here’s my rough draft.

1. Organize–I function best in an environment of order. After the past three years of people moving in and out of my house multiple times, my stuff (and some of their stuff) is everywhere and I have too much of it. I also really like to be able to get to the tools I need when I want to do something. Nothing promotes procrastination in me more than having to do multiple tasks or search high and low for my tools before I can get to the desired task. Since disorder makes me so unhappy and organization makes me automatically very happy, this is a top priority.

I haven’t been waiting until May 1st to start this one. My husband and I have been working the past few days on reorganizing our living space to accomodate our lifestyle now sans children. I’m going to have a real home gym rather than various equipment scattered all over the house. I’ve been working out consistently, at home, for 5 years now and so I think I’ve shown that this won’t be a waste of money. In addition, the money I’ve saved in gym fees alone has paid for the equipment. Also, now that we have two pieces of cardio equipment, my husband has joined me and has been working out regularly. We’re going to complete the room with a weight machine that can accomodate both of us working out together since this has become something we enjoy doing.

2. Beautify: My daffodils are all up and I’ve realized that few things make me happier than seeing my daffodils come up in the Spring. So I’m going to work towards making everyday in my home like a day with daffodils…even in the dead of winter. This will entail painting and gardening and who knows what.

While considering what surrounding myself with beauty would entail, I stumbled upon this little essay which really says better what I think I’d like to see in my day-to-day life: Surround Yourself With Beauty

3. Memories–Organize my pictures so we can enjoy them anytime we’d like. I have plans for Rachel’s wedding pictures which are still on the disc from the photographer, framing Rachel’s graduation picture, getting the kids videos from when they were little transferred to DVD so we can watch them, and get our pictures from Italy put into a scrapbook we can enjoy. AND get my camera zoom feature fixed so I can be sure to record more memories.

4. Rectify–Deal with the troubling relationships in my life with various family members as far as I am capable and then forgive them and my self and move on.

5. Simplify–everything has a place and everything in its place, if it hasn’t been touched in five years and it has no sentimental value then it goes. Make a resolution to put things back where they belong the very first time. What other areas can make more simple? Maybe if I started just dealing with stuff when it first comes up instead of putting it off and feeding avoidance anxiety my life will be easier, and happier.

6. Socialize–My husband and I are going to attempt to do an inexpensive little remodel which would give us a larger dining room so we can entertain more easily. We used to entertain quite a lot and we both miss it. We are starting to make some friends here and I’d like to start having a dinner party at least once a season.

I also am going to try to put together a women’s group modeled after Diane’s group in Tennesse. I already have invited one person and I have two others who I think would come. This is a major goal this coming year.

7. Energize–Continue with regular fitness activities and look at other ways I can improve my energy levels…even in the winter.

8. Be an Encourager–If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Well, I’m not sure how good I’ll be with this one, but I’m going to try. I’m definitely looking at how I can encourage my husband, my daughter, my son-in-law, my son, my mother, my friends, and all the other people in my life, including my online friends. Being thought of as angry and bitter really bothers me and it is time to move on from this place to a better place.

9. Treat my mother like an adult even when she doesn’t want to be one–this one’s complex and messy. Plan of action still in formulation.

10. Retirement Planning–both my grandmothers are still living. My maternal grandmother is 94 year old. I better start thinking more about this one.

11. Eat at home more–I couldn’t think of a snappy one-word label for this, but it is an area I need to address. We eat out a lot now that our kids are gone and, besides being expensive, it isn’t that healthy for us.

12. Celebrate holidays and other special occasions by decorating, sending gifts and cards, and being more thoughtful towards the people I love.

So there ya go. 12 areas of my life that I believe will improve my spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and physical well-being. What’s on your Happiness Project?


8 thoughts on “>A Happiness Project Rough Draft

  1. >I love your rough draft.fwiw – you ARE seen as an encourager to me. *hug* You might be interested to know that I painted my toenails – I blame you. *wink*I love the plan to make "every day like a day with daffodils". I'm so with you there. Only – my flower is tulips.

  2. >OK Chloe, now you've moved from preaching to meddling. When did you sneak into my house — and who gave you the key to my backyard and shed???) But… I have a feeling this is exactly the voice I need to be listening to right now; what you say makes a lot of sense, and I realized while reading your post that the reason I keep thinking I "don't have time" to do this or that quick project is precisely because the tools required are not organized and in one place, grr! Meddlesome woman that you are, you may have just dispensed with my [illusion of] free time this summer in one swell foop. Fell swoop. What-EVER. I need more coffee… obviously my caffeine system has too much blood in it!

  3. >I like your list Chloe.It has given me some food for thought. I have The Happiness Project on hold at the library, and am hoping I move up on the list quickly.

  4. >I, too, have the book on hold at the library and am anxious to get ahold of it. I may even buy it and also a copy for a friend. I like your list. Especially number 12. I have decorations and I love sending cards, but last year I just wasn't in a good spot.

  5. >I'm about halfway through THP, and I've been taking notes whenever it triggers a thought. I'm looking forward to sitting down and actually making my list. I know I need to address the things that sap my energy and I like Gretchen's idea of doing that first, so there's enough energy to take on the rest of the projects! Several of your first 6 items are on my list as well.

  6. >I'm working on THP myself, but I'm not implementing anything much with it just yet.So far, my list is:to add more color into my lifeto clear out clutteradd more energyfollow-throughbecome a person of actionunbury meI'm finding that I'm scared shitless of being truly happy and being myself. I can think of some big changes I would like to make, but it would be selfish and I doubt would make others happy.So, happy within defined parameters? Maybe I shouldn't bother.

  7. >I for one will miss you like crazy on the forums so I'm very glad you're doing *this* more. Love your list Chloe.I may start one. Right after I pick up the pieces the various pieces I have going on at the moment…

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