>I lied (a little)

>Here are a couple of other pictures we took of our son before he left. The first is his “Blue Steel” pose and the second is just him being cute. He’s a babe. Too bad he knows it.


5 thoughts on “>I lied (a little)

  1. >Oh he is just too cute. Wolfie, I for one am proud of you for each day you wake up and choose to do the right things. Remember, it’s hard to grow up and put your big boy pants on, but if you are to be a man, you must. If ever you need inspiration, go to Mars Hill Church (.com) and find the sermon from 3/30/09. My son is just a couple years behind you, and I am buckling up for the ride. It’ll be a doozy, because unlike your mom, I have 3 more boys after him.

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