>The Son of Such Tears


I’ve been more in a reading mood than a writing mood but I did want to check in and let everyone know that your prayers are being answered. I’ve got two posts in my drafts but neither is coherent enough to publish yet. I did want to let you all know that Wolfie is alive and very well right now. What is happening wouldn’t be what I would’ve planned, but he’s in God’s hands and I know those hands are good and strong and capable. I’ve got a great amount of hope and today, right this minute, the devil has not managed to steal my joy!

I just finished reading Ruth Bell Graham’s book, Prodigals and Those Who Love Them. Very helpful book. I highly recommend it. One statement from the essay about St. Augustine, who was quite the prodigal, that really soothed me was something that a priest said to his mother, Monica. She was quite distressed over her son’s walk in sin and was once again sobbing to the priest and he said something to the effect of, “Leave me alone. Go in peace and live on as best as you can for now because it is not possible that the son of such tears could be lost to Christ.” That thought really cheered me up.

I’ve also been practicing praising God for what He is doing instead of complaining to Him night and day about what I want Him to be doing. I think it is called, “Rejoicing”. I’ve found that the very difficult spiritual practice of rejoicing has really helped increase my peace.


5 thoughts on “>The Son of Such Tears

  1. >YES! I’ve always remembered our pastor’s talk on Exodus 15. Its the chapter of Moses’ praise to God for opening the Red Sea, and Miriam’s song – all full and flowing with timbrels and dancing – a time of rejoicing! But our pastor’s thought that stuck with me was: “How much would it have blessed our God to hear those praises *before* His salvation was shown. When they were still on the other side, with the Sea before them and the enemy behind.” You are doing just that – I am so lifted up by you!!! GOOD JOB SIS!

  2. >When I saw his precious little face a jolt of emotion shot through me and tears wet my eyes.His innocence, the pureness of heart in those eyes. As a mommy, it shocked me. That is what we still see in our boys in a man’s body. That precious, sweet, guileless little boy.

  3. >Magnolia, this is so true. When I see my son doing these things I see the face in that picture. He was so angelic-looking as a child. People would comment on it actually.

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