>He’s not in SF anymore

>Just the quickest note that he is not on the streets in SF anymore. We’re in contact with him and the good people he is with, but our stance of complete non-monetory support stands for now. At this moment he is safe, but I have no idea what will happen next.

Today I really took good care of myself. I woke up early, spoke with one of my dear friends who has been the duct tape of my soul for nearly a year while sitting in front of the magic light, ate a good breakfast, took all my supplements, and went and had a hot and sweaty sauna followed by a 1.5 hour deep tissue massage with a terrific masseuse. Then I went and picked up an organic spinach salad at the organic grocery store, came home and watched the rest of Biggest Loser, drank a lot water, and took a long 2.5 hour nap. Got up from my nap, cleaned my kitchen, drank a lot more water, worked out for 40 minutes on the elliptical, ate a very nutritious dinner and downed my second set of supplements. Drank some more water and then took a hot bath. Now I’m off to bed.

Thanks for your prayers.


3 thoughts on “>He’s not in SF anymore

  1. >Right on chicka! You’re taking such good care of yourself. Wow. I feel pricked in my heart as I sit here on my fat butt in my jammies still.Have I ever told you my story about leaving home at 15, hitch-hiking across the United States from Louisiana to California?The story where I slept in bus terminals? The story where I slept on the floor in houses of complete strangers?The story where I didn’t bath for weeks on end? Or wash my hair? Or change my clothes?The story where I begged for food or money to buy food and then went and spent it on CANDY (cause that’s what children do)The story where I ended up in a jail cell smelling worse than 10 of the old men that were in there put together?The story where I ended up addicted to Meth…..sold my body for drugs…..tried to committ suicide and God spared my life?The story where I walked around feeling worse than the worst of the dregs of society and didn’t believe I deserved to live, but God lifted me up anyway?The story where he brought me from death unto life? From darkness unto light?The story that no one is ever so low that the arms of God can’t pick him up?That story? Remind me sometime and I’ll tell ya. It’s a doozy. 😉

  2. >Mags, I would love to read this story. I hope you do tell it sometime. I’m sure it is gripping. love you, my friend. And I’m glad that God is really, really big and really, really loves us little lost sheep.

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