>I’ve had a busy morning

>Trying to do what I can do on my end to prevent the unwitting from inadvertently enabling our son. I called a mother of one of my son’s friends from treatment to tell her that my son is not safe. That was hard. She was gracious.

There are issues with his bank account that I don’t want to go into but please pray that I can get that closed in the next day or so.

I emailed a couple of people in San Diego who I think my son might try to contact in his effort to try to get help going down there. My poor mother-in-law is pretty messed up right now.

We are praying here for a fast, hard fall.

And for those who think our trip to San Francisco was the catalyst to this let me say that it wasn’t. I think him running off to San Francisco was an inevitability. His dad and I were trying to find ways for him to go there with dignity and a plan rather than this cockeyed notion he has that being homeless and penniless is cool.

He’s never been without in his whole life and I’m certain that he doesn’t really believe that his father and I are going to let him starve, eat out of garbage cans, and sleep on the streets. But we are. We are resolved. Pray for strength, please.


3 thoughts on “>I’ve had a busy morning

  1. >That your dear son taking off for San Francisco, in specific, be laid at your door, is ludicrous. Almost laughable.Anyway, if it weren’t San Francisco, it would be San Diego.Choices. We all make them. At present, he is making some poor ones. But so have we all.Hopefully, as he was in his academic studies, he will be a quick learner at the lessons life may have to teach him.I am praying for him and for you.

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