>Into the Wild

>I just saw this movie and I can now whole-heartedly say that THERE IS NO FREAKIN’ WAY I AM HELPING MY SON WITH HIS CRAZY HOBO IDEA! I tried. I really did. But no. So there.


3 thoughts on “>Into the Wild

  1. >Did I miss something? Why is your son wanting to be a Hobo?If it would help, I can share my hitch-hiking, homeless experiences with your son when I was his age. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Trust me.

  2. >”You should never have watched that movie,” said her friend, shaking her head ruefully.Meditation, my dear, is just the ticket for you.Focus on faith. Not fear.And the character of the One who gave you the gift of faith in the first place.And hold on for dear life till you get that blessing.It’s the process. It’s all about the process.Does that sum up our conversation? I tried to hit the high points. 😉

  3. >Magnolia, I know you wrote the eons ago, but my son is a hopeless romantic who thinks that idea like this are romantic and intriguing. Ugh.

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