>I think my mom is sick again

>I picked my mom up from the airport after her Christmas trip to visit my brother and sister and I think she’s sick again. She kept telling me on the phone what a great time she was having and how good everything was going. A few days before she came home she did say, “I really haven’t felt well the whole time I’ve been here.” Sigh. Of course, she didn’t ask anyone there to take her to a doctor and I guess they didn’t notice how much pain she was in.

I immediately noticed that she had that omnious grey pallor that doesn’t usually bode well for someone with a history of cancer. She’s also having back and pelvic pain. Of course, she may just be tired from traveling and sore from the flight, etc, but my first thought is that she has bone metastases. We also have a strong family history of osteoporosis and so it could be that. It probably is just fatigue and I’m jumping to conclusions, but she didn’t look well. Hopefully, she’ll see her doctor tomorrow or early next week. I doubt that will give any answers because I’m sure she’ll need to have an MRI or x-rays or something like that. If you feel so led to pray for her I’d appreciate it.

Knowing she was coming home and was probably sick again kind of sent me spinning yesterday as evidenced by my video pick. I’m definitely having a hard time right now, but I want to reassure everyone that I’m generally a very upbeat and hopeful person and I will snap out of this. It’s just been a hard time and I’m tired. And the lack of sunlight where I live is affecting me too. I am taking steps to help myself out of this funk, but I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’m not feeling the effects of 2 years of extreme stress. I’m just keeping it real. When it sucks, it sucks and right now it kinda sucks.

I’ve got plenty of real life support and good friends who are helping me through and a great and understanding husband and this too shall pass.


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