>Hope for Hurting Parents


I have good news to report. I would seem that our prayer efforts are not in vain. Our son is requesting to stay in treatment for 2 more weeks. I couldn’t be more proud of him. This is not an easy financial decision and we haven’t agreed yet, but the implications of this request are simply huge. Eighteen year-old boys who don’t think they have problems don’t request to stay longer in treatment. They don’t request to not graduate with their cluster group unless something big is happening. Something big is happening. Prayers are being answered. The enemy is being vanquished. The Truth is getting through. Thank God!

I’ve been reading a phenomenal book called, “Relief for Hurting Parents” by Buddy Scott. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. He has a website if anyone is interested: http://www.buddyscott.com/. The book is not an quick read and doesn’t offer easy, microwaveable answers to the complex problem of a difficult teenager, but it is meaty and delivers on its title and then some. I felt remarkably better just after reading the first chapter.

Tomorrow, I shall be amping up Project “Pray Emily Out” by starting a two-day fast. Jesus teaches that sometimes prayer and fasting is the only answer and I believe this is one of those times. If anyone would please join me in prayer, I would be so appreciative. Folks, this is the turning point. It might turn out to be only the first of many twists and turns on the road to recovery, but I’m convinced we’ve reached a turning point here that will lead my son into his Promised Land.


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